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  2. RT @Caudlewag: Remember that one time there was a randomly Thicc flying Squirrel on an episode of Timone and Pumbaa? https://t.co/2BX7tE4OOr

  3. @HISTORY #pawnstars who tried to sell that halo armor for 2 grand? I want it! How can i contact them?

  4. Just a short stream until I get tired of shading this tail XD Feel free to drop by and say hi! I may switch to playing WoW after a while. Dunno yet. https://picarto.tv/Etain

    Music: ON
    Mic: OFF

  5. Yesterday
    I wanna talk about it at some point

    1. Red


      I wish people would talk to me about when I am making things or specifically ask their opinions about it. X3

  7. Darksouls 3 is like...

    MY GOD IT'S EASY! But in like a challenging way? Hard to explain but it's still a well made game! I love it!

  8. I'm back! What'd I miss?

  9. Last week
  10. *sighs* its days like this, that i wonder if anyone would even notice or care if i just disappeared, if i just never came back and vanished without word....

  11. just a bit of fun I noticed, over a year ago, @Bysector and I started A Rat's Tail

    1. Bysector


      Oh yeah its been a whole year!! :-D

    2. Bysector


      Oh yeah its been a whole year!! 


  13. Looking for a GF

    I am what most call a sky type, i may not look it but i enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with my friends, and playing games. Yes I am a true gamer, there are many games I enjoy playing but the most favorite thing i enjoy is roleplaying. I also like to have a relationship something close but not far from one another, i like a girl that is kind love, and fun to be around with. Someone that accepts the person for what they are and who they are no matter what might happen as people in our lives are not always perfect.
  14. that is up to youuuu and said collie
  15. id say happy snep day but in reality every day is snep day so HAPPY SNEP DAY EVERYDAY!

  16. Red's Art Circle

    Feeling nice and rested now. Getting that last update up was a huge load off my back. Plus It's a huge ego boost to get something done for a change.
  17. I will be more than willing to take your offer young one. Shall I bring something along? Maybe a cute little collie?
  18. They certainly are. I dont have a cold drip pot yet. You're more than welcome to join ;3
  19. My mate went shopping while I was at work and I came home to a freshly made fish dinner, veggies, fancy cheese, and white wine. Lord, I do not deserve this man.

  20. Are they all hot? I will like to warm my lips with a cup. *devilish smirk*
  21. AT MY HOUSE THATS WHERE I have like 5 different ways to make coffee at my house ^~^
  22. Dungeons & Dragons

    I would enjoy doing so, however I seldom have time and would be randomly able to or not able to
  23. Open for painting commissions, message me for details~

  24. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/RA1DQce8pP Hulk Vs. Saitama - Taming The Beast (Part 1)

  25. Red's Art Circle

    Made some bugs fixes, wrote a user manual, just got it up on Itch.io. It'll be a lot easier to distribute here than on my journal. https://theflyingnest.itch.io/sketch-companion
  26. Nerf Crusader Customs

    LONGSTRIKE SNIPER RIFLE This was a very interesting build. Zero power or performance upgrades, all cosmetics. For a commissioner using it in a LARP. Styled after a bolt action Remington, with post apocalypse themes. The body work is in fiberglass and Bondo. Tedious to work with, but very strong. Hand painted and one of a kind.
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