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  2. Carridwen

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Most of us lurk in discord~
  3. Carridwen

    Pieces of us

    You should get another ribbon
  4. Snowmew Justin

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    I'm surprised mine doesn't burn more oil, honestly. I've been about half a quart low for a month, and surprisingly, it's stayed right there.
  5. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    It’s always come through impeccably clean. It burns badly cuz I still need to replace two valve stem seals, but that’ll be when we get warmer weather.
  6. Snowmew Justin

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    In this case, the lack of glitter indicates a need for celebration!
  7. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Just did the oil change this morning too. Everything came out clean. Black as hey, but no shines. This engine continues to impress me.
  8. Snowmew Justin

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Very nice!
  9. Have a Lovely Red Day!~


  10. made some music:


    Turned out decent i think. not sure what genre it is though.

    1. Red


      Some mad beats, yo.

  11. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Aaaand 12,000!!!!
  12. Earlier
  13. Drawing pixel art while listening to chiptune & modtracker music.

    Something oddly fitting about this.

    1. Red


      Living the life.

  14. *ponders* hmmm...

    1. Red



  15. Streaming some WoW raiding tonight!  https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

    Mic: On


  16. I did a awesome today! I learned to restring AND tune my guitar! Woo!

    1. Red



  17. It doesn’t matter where I go, so long as I can go with you...



    1. Carridwen


      My gosh, we're gonna kill everything with the sap~

  18. But with you I can't resist...


    1. Stoneheart


      Yeah, I’m that dangerous boy you were warned about. With my leather jacket, and motorcycle. Sweet talking you away, just to break your heart and disappear. Totally not the kind to e a good companion or a dad. XD I’m waaay too dangerous for such sensibilities. 


      I Love you so much, darling!

  19. Hey! My friend has fallen on some bad luck recently and could really use a hand getting back on top of things! Long story short, a bunch of unexpected expenses showed up at once and she's strapped for cash. If you can't buy anything, please help spread the word! Her FA page has links to various other sites, namely Facebook, so those without FA accounts can still take a look.



  20. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    This has been at a pretty solid stand still for a little while... since is developed a small ticking in the clutch,I started driving the Mustang to work. And that has needed some attention from sitting for ) months undriven.... nothing document worthy, but time consuming. But, fear not, there are more bits coming for this in the near ish future.
  21. Snowmew Justin

    Last person to post wins.

    Well shit. That'll take a while.
  22. Lite3000

    Last person to post wins.

    Not before we get this tin can to 2019 pages
  23. Snowmew Justin

    Last person to post wins.

    Damnit, lemme win!
  24. Lite3000

    Last person to post wins.

    First posted here in June 2015 saying “Whoever posts next dies, okay?” Now, I speak Russian, Japanese, and Chinese 你的声音真的很好听
  25. Narf

    Last person to post wins.

    2 years later i come back. This game is still going..
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