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  2. "I am a bitch and I demand you fuck me like one!" ~Conversations with my friends.

  3. Found a tick crawling around on me. Freaked out royally. And was promptly teased by my mom because of how small it was. Tried explaining that I'm an arachnophobe, and that it doesn't matter the size really....
    NaoMom: What? What's a rac-ti-strobic?
    Me: Arachnophobic. It means I'm deathly scared of spiders and ticks.
    NaoMom: But they're tiny. You're overreacting.
    Me: It's a phobia, mom. It's not exactly a rational fear. Granted, I'd prefer not to have Lyme's Disease if possible.
    NaoMom: Just get over it, Nao. You'll be fine.
    Me: Phobias don't work like that, mother! ;A;
    NaoMom: Drink some of your fruit juice. You'll feel better.
    Me: I will not! >A< *stomps foot*
    *sips some fruit juice........feels a little better......but is still terrified of ticks* ;3;

    1. braenuun


      lol, oh Naomom *raises a glass of fruit juice*

    2. Naomi


      Thing is....this is like......the 400th time I've explained this to my parents -A-

  4. Hey, check out my story "The Mage"...Its about to get very interesting!


  5. Minutes later, I poked my head around the side of the barrel I hid behind. There were eight man sized things approaching, and the large one that we had seen coming a long way out. They were spread out, on and off the trail. The large one headed straight for the entrance, towering the height of four men. I realized I was shaking. Reticend’s gloved and armored hand patted my back once in reassurance. “Demons,” she whispered. The demons came toward the village, approaching the walls. They began to climb over, and in a blink, they charged, each headed to a target as if they had known where each of us was at. Before the archers could loose an arrow, the demons were at the backs of us on the ground. In the same blink, Reticend was meeting a demon as it charged her. Screams from three of the four men with swords told of their untimely demise as a demon reached its sharp claws in toward my gut to rip me open. First instinct told me to react by grabbing the thing’s arm. My hands gripped a hot, rocky stick of demon flesh as the wave of sulfur smell followed. It shrieked in surprise that I had caught its strike. Blood pumped viciously through my veins, and every passing smallest bit of time allowed me another instant to see the twisted, angry, burning fire behind its dark eyes set in its large, razor-tooth mouthed head. It screamed and tried to push forward more before trying to strike with its other hand. Deep in my heart, my soul screamed for this demon to “GET BACK!” I had screamed. Like a ragdoll, it topped back as if swatted off of its feet by a giant hand. Another, having finished one of the swordsmen, charged me. Holding my hands up reflexively as if pushing a door shut, I willed a barrier before me between the demon and Ime It struck and stumbled back, confused as it shook its head. Arrows struck this one, but it turned in anger and climbed up one house and ripped into an archer. Reticend was in a sword dance with the demon that met her. In two steps, a swing, a parry, and strike, she had split the demon in two from shoulder to hip. The steel of her sword sizzled as the hot blood from the demon dripped away.
  6. That's a lie and you know it.
  7. Do you not feel, like, sofa king amazing I promise that's the only time I'll say that joke I hereby forbid myself to make that joke a second time
  8. I don't know how to feel about this.
  10. So....gandpa is about to die. He barley made it through last night, so parents want to go to New Mexico for the funeral. I won't be able to go because I already took time off of work recently. Parents are still unsure though when we will actually move so I have to keep working, and apparently stepdad will be staying here to keep his job, but they want me to get a new job asap, brother can wait though as this is a stressful move.

    1. Stoneheart


      I too recently lost loved ones, i understand and support you in this time of trials my friend.

  11. new painting~ 11x14
  12. Yesterday
  13. Not actually wearing the suit here, she's on a pole for the photo XD.

  14. Hmmm....I find a place where I can make a high-quality print of some of my art.

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    2. Rune


      i get all of my prints at walmart~ i've worked with the machines, too, so i might be a bit biased, but i really enjoy their quality

    3. Naomi


      Roon! Walmart does that? o3o

      That might super work! There's a Wal-Mart preeeetty close by to the store I work at

    4. Naomi


      Thank you, Rune and Red for the helpful advice! I'm going to scrounge around tomorrow to see what I can dig up for this little endeavor ^^

  15. I feel like lately a lot of people (both off and online) have been telling me I'm a good person with a good/bright future ahead of me, and... Idk why... BUT ANYWAYS *spreading the love*

    Y'all are good people with bright futures ahead of you! =3

  16. “I feel what?” I heard her armor clanking, then a pause. “That storm has been summoned. It is not natural.” Wind smelling of rain lifted stray hairs upon my head as I turned back to the storm. There was an unnatural scent to the storm. “It may become time to practice some of your arcane magic, mage, at the very least for the sake of the people in this little village town.” Additional clanks from armor being set into place on her frame kept me from speaking more. Villagers started coming out from their stone and mud brick houses, pulling in laundry and goods from storefronts. They waved at me, but were visibly confused by the emotion on my face as I stood in the archway of the entrance and looked from the darkening skies to them. Uncertainty and fear must have been present; the hastened to bring their things in and called to nearby others to tell them to hurry. “The monk is worried. This storm is something big!” Reticend’s feet hit the floor heavier than without the armor. Metal plates slid and touched as she walked. A grand gold oak surrounded by thorns glistened on her shield. As she unsheathed her sword, the edges brushed against the sides of the scabbard. The protector stood tall, stead like the oak on her shield and ready to make foes bleed, like the thorns that surrounded the tree. “Do you really think it’s that kind of storm?” She nodded with a half grin. “If my guess is right, it’s the same foe that took my last mark to protect.” “Who give you your marks?” “No one now. Are you armed?” “I guess we’ll find out,” I sighed. Soft vibrations climbed their way up my legs. They were steady, evenly paced. They were footsteps. Reticend walked into the road. I followed her until we stood at the entrance to town. A small crowd of brave or foolish people stood behind us, a few with swords and a few with bows and arrows. Down the path, a dark figure approached. “Perhaps we should hide to get a jump on this thing. It’s rather big.” Archers nodded, fell back and dispersed into house, poking their heads from second story windows or roofs. The few with swords crouched behind barrels and bales of hay in the entry courtyard. “Let’s see if this works…” I held out a hand toward the path into town, only about ten feet from the short stone wall that came barely up to my chest. The first time you do anything new, it feels awkward or ungainly. This felt like I was a fool, holding my hand out, straining as if to move something that I wasn’t even touching. No. I should just be able to will it into existence. It’s hard to make yourself move without any idea of where you want to go, to do a flip without knowing what muscles to will. It’s hard to work with energies and matter in a way you’ve never done. The concept was clear in my mind, sheer will was all that was left to use. It seemed to stupidly easy. A soft glow upon the ground was the only clue my cast might have worked. Reticend noticed and went to poke it with her sword. “Don’t,” I warned. “If I did that right, touching that is going to be unbearably painful for you.” I did this several more times. “How are you defending or fighting for yourself?” There were many combat spells I learned of. “I’ll figure out how in a bit.” We both ducked down into ready positions and awaited the beast to approach.
  17. Sudden urge to hug on people. >~>

    1. braenuun


      *presents self* HUGS?

    2. Red
    3. Red



  18. shoot, ive got page ten ready to get up at home I think.  I think.  I may be having a brain-not-working moment >.<

  19. *aggressively sips your coffee!* ( •̀3•́) ☕

    1. Red
    2. Etain


      *aggressively shoves more coffee at you* (•̀A•́ )

  20. those canvases are 12x16, even though the packaging labeled them as 11x14...weird. Bought some 11x14 canvases to do more work on, so stay tuned~

    1. braenuun


      vicious lies and slander, those labels!

  21. I tried to be this, maybe not a perfect example, but an example of a good person. I was once, but then I slipped, made choices I wish I never did. 

    1. braenuun



      unless you can remember every thing you've done in order to equate the actions to themselves as good or bad -
      unless you have an equation by which to do so,
      you don't know for sure whether you're truly a good or bad person - so give yourself the benefit of the doubt! (Or get rid of the idea that people are good or bad)

  22. You think you're all that...


    *mean face*

    1. Naomi


      *lends the scuttle-face to supplement this* (•̀ω•́ )

    2. Ryokenohki
  23. With all that programming out of the way I can finally sit down and do some serious drawing without worry. TO WORK!
  24. skeedabadabeedabadabrrreedebeedah, yeeeeahhhh
  25. Go for it! doesnt have to be perfect! thats why imade this forum
  26. if I could figure out how to, i could get you a live hearing of a song or three that i've written. the hardware for that tho is obnoxious. perhaps my webcam would do well enough
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