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  1. Today
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  3. 1 but it was more a passing comment at a club that I found out they were a furry.
  4. Last week
  5. Attention. You are neat. That is all.

    1. Red


      Tsh, I could have told you that!

  6. Myself, as far as i know, Zero. 😛 but how about you all?
  7. Love is beautiful so value and treasure it. 

    1. Red


      So true. U_U

      *Makes offering of a Oprah Love Sandwich*

  8. I see you checking up on me again... xD

  9. Happy Red Day!~


  10. Don’t forget to check the discord server. Most of the action has migrated to there.
  11. I'm back again. yay!

    1. Red


      Oh, yeah!? You think you're better than me!? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!?

  12. Earlier
  13. Happy Birthday, wherever you are!

  14. Happy Red Day!~


  15. Discord kicked me from a bunch of servers and deleted a bunch of chats??? Wtf?

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I've heard of it doing things like that before. Do you still have me on there?

  16. Happy Red Day!~


  17. I'm so sorry but I need to take a step back from places I use to frequent... they just bring back painful memories and I feel like I don't matter, I just need to be alone... whether I rise or fall it doesn't matter. I just need to be away.... 

    1. Red


      Don't leave us, Kai! T_T

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You'll know where to find me. It's just what I do.

  18. And now I activate Pot of Greed, this card allows me to draw two cards from my deck! But you already knew that, everybody knows what Pot of Greed does! But, anyway~ A familiar face on the window, a name that has been and gone; resting within the folklore of Tails Refuge, among the ancients and the originals; THE REVIVAL IS HERE, of the greatest and best, Sparky of all time! I guess it's just systematic that I'm here but I don't even know why I'm here, but I guess I'll stick around for a long time? owo
  19. On this day I can see clearly~

    1. Red


      The rain is gone!~

  20. YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME On this day, I see clearly!
  21. Feel free to follow my Twitter account. 🙂


    1. Red


      I wish I could but they banned my account.

    2. Samurai Kai
    3. Red


      They won't tell me. I think it's 'cause I made a PewDiePie joke. I'm not kidding, btw.

  22. Happy Red Day!~


  23. >.>


    psst.  hey.....happy otter day :3

    1. Red


      Is it that time of the year already!?

    2. braenuun


      IT certainly is that time of the day!

  24. Happy Red Day!~


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