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  1. Today
  2. Havent done a pic in a while. Not shaving for a bit since it's hitting the cold winter soon haha
  3. Last week
  4. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      beat ya to it again #snepday

  5. Once again, utter disappointment. I feel great.

    1. braenuun


      im glad you didn't say Otter disappointment!

  6. Earlier
  7. Looking to have a conversation with someone. Come and visit my shrine. 

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    2. Red


      It's too late the weekend has passed!

      *sacrifices a honey glazed, organically raised, 6 meat footlong (with mayo on the side if you don't want any right now)*

      When shall happen NEXT weekend?

    3. braenuun


      i'll probably be a dad

    4. Red


      A dad? Like dad humor or dad trying to be cool?

  8. Y'know.. Reading comprehension shouldn't be too hard for people who RP. I even make sure things are clear in my ads. But there have been some who seem to have the audacity to message me and ignore my preferred methods for theirs.


  9. Red

    Rumor has it that it's a Razicat's birthday today!~

    Note me if you want birthday scribbles.!

  10. I'm thankful that today is Red Day!~


    1. crash


      i already made it clear that itp SNEP DAY!!!

  11. just gonna get the jump on @ red HAPPY EARLY SNEP DAY

    1. Red



    2. CoffeeMom
  12. Close to that American Thanksgiving! Be safe everyone!  Especially if you intend to go out on Black Friday. (Gross)

  13. Happy Belated Red Day!~


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. crash


      thd fuck it does! what does it mean

    3. braenuun


      its snep day backwards!

    4. crash


      wow i feel stupid

  14. when your ex who moved across the country calls and tears a strip out of you for shit posting😂

  15. got branded bambi on the new boat im on,..for fuck sake thats 2 boats now, at least its not fuck balls likd we call the greenhorn

    1. Bysector


      Why are you called Bambi?

  16. To me, RPing is a waste of time and effort.

  17. me and my favorite doggo i try and take him with me every time i leave my hometown......il get away with it one of these times
  18. Somewhere in bezeLabs: Ark two have finally finished children. Ark three will come soon. If anyone wish to join let me or Braenuun (Nuun) know. See you all soon ~

  19. i like to stis the facebook shit pot but today i didnt just stir it i dropped that bitch on the ground

  20. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  21. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  22. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      ckin snep day ya bitch!

    2. Red


      Never a good one with you!

    3. crash


      nope lol thats what i get for getting friends from the ocean pearl on another boat with me 


      guess im a bambi! hahaha.....goddamit

  24. We're not dead! We're just far more active on discord than the actual website! Please come join us there if you're looking for more real time interaction!
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