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  2. "For hearts long lost and full of fright,

    For those alone in Blackest Night.

    Accept our ring and join our fight,

    Love conquers all with violet light!"

  3. Unearthed an old thread of mine that died before it lived, thinking about reworking the concept and presenting it to a larger, more responsive audience.

  4. Road

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Got some new glasses!
  5. Happy Belated Red Day!~


  6. Red

    Happy Birthday!~ :dance:

  7. Red

    Happy Birthday, IMPOSTER!

  8. band boats...........never again.......fuck sakes

    1. Red
    2. crash


      oh fuck ya, i will never run a boat owned by the indian band ever again what a haywire mickey mouse shit show


  9. while i only pop in here twice a year or so. its nice to see name i still recognize being active n such.

    1. Red


      OH YEAH!?

    2. braenuun


      come pop in more frequently!  
      like....365.27 times a year!

  10. Earlier
  11. Woo! New Twitter! @WitchyRoad

    1. Red


      Mine is still suspended. 😕

  12. It’s going to take a lot more than what people have been throwing at me to keep me down~

  13. Happy birthday, Razi!


  14. herpy nerfdee.  I apparently wasn't following you xD

    1. Razi


      Thanks ottoro!

  15. Red

    On this day a wild Razicat suddenly appeared!~

    1. Razi



  16. Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      snep day bitch! 

  17. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Got the trans all bolted together nicely two weeks ago, and it did help.... but did not solve the problem. Upon further inspection, it turns out, my rear differential is basically gone.... this, surprises me, being such low miles, but does support a theory I’ve had for a couple years now.... so, this weekend I’ll be hopefully picking up a “new” complete rear end.... original part, but in pretty close to perfect shape according to the seller.... we’ll see.
  18. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Well, tonight, we hit a pretty big milestone. 10,000 ORIGINAL MILES.
  19. braenuun

    Been since the fallout of 2012

    henlo and welcome back to the new and improved madness. I joined in 2013 and was on a hiatus just as the second wars began! come join the shenanigans on discord and bring the seed.….or clams....either pleases me!
  20. Pingu

    How often have you changed your fursona?

    Never but that might soon change
  21. Out now on Spotify, and everywhere else you listen to music. 



  22. May be especially AFK (both from here and the Discord) in the upcoming few days - and maybe even week or two. My boyfriend is leaving for Coast Guard bootcamp tomorrow, and will be gone for eight weeks! I'm gonna miss him! So my adjusting period may be a bit of silence.

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      That’s great for him! Awesome! He’ll be back before you know it, just hang tight! ❤️ 

  23. Stoneheart

    Been since the fallout of 2012

    Well, almost everything has changed. The site is still owned by the same person, but almost the entire staff has been changed. We’re on a different server now, the site got a major facelift, chat, is a Discord channel now, and the administration team, kicks ass. We did kinda have another exodus a couple years ago, following a bit of a staff civil war. But, it seems to have weeded out pretty much all the crap. So, welcome back! It’s good to see more old faces returning.
  24. Road

    Been since the fallout of 2012

    Well welcome back. Things certainly have changed since 2012. -nods-
  25. Hi all, Wow, it's been since the great exodus of 2012 since I've been on here. I left due to the crappy mods that banned people for no reason but also trolled the chats due to them being friends with the owners of this site. I'm curious what has changed with the staff and if the owners are the same or different. I hope things are a lot better. When looking over my past friends on here, they seemed to have mostly moved on like I did. As for me, I'm a 37-year-old red wolf that is super gay, lives in Texas, and currently single. I'm super busy most of the time and finding time to RP is difficult but I do hope this site has improved with better leadership. Thanks, ~ Sangie
  26. Forget Thanksgiving and have a Happy Red Day!~


    1. crash


      forget snepsgiving happy snep day

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