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  2. That bright orange monkey guy

    Welcome, welcome! Hopefully you enjoy your stay here with us and our family!
  3. Hello World

  4. Hello World

    Welcome to our wonderful family! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. Last person to post wins.

    I suppose so, many historical figures used to use blood in regular activities all the time
  6. Today
  7. Last person to post wins.

    Regardless, its also an effective tactic of intimidation to remaining enemies.

    This album's for you! *zones out back into the floofy ether.~*

    1. Naomi


      Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ~ -3-

  9. [email protected], stop selling out your constituents. Oppose @AjitPaiFCC's plan to gut #NetNeutrality https://t.co/N3W9KwN73u

  10. Think Imma work on getting the Station 27 RP framework up this weekend an see if there's any interest in running it

  11. "I'm gonna go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight," Sal lied.

    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      *sniff sniff* You smell that? 

      *sniff sniff* I smell.. Bullshit


  12. RT @SavedYouAClick: not a pedophile https://t.co/6Ddgc3qh1W

  13. @MazzleRazz @pupbellz i lov

  14. So! Who is pumped for monster hunter world?!

    1. Red
    2. LunarEdge


      I played the open beta, having never played any other title I can say I enjoyed it, although playing with friends is much better than soloing

    3. Ryokenohki


      I really hope it's good

      because I am super SUPER pumped

  15. Your icon is adorable :O :O :O

    You have so many amazing animated icons

    1. Etain


      They're a weakness of mine >_>

    2. braenuun


      who did the icon?

  16. Yesterday
  17. So relaxed now, thank you. <3

    1. Naomi


      DJ Scuttlebat strikes agaaaain!!


      (I seriously have tooooooooons of ambient music on standby)

    2. Red


      Well struck!

  18. Last person to post wins.

    waste product doesn't get used by the body
  19. Last person to post wins.

    *oh no youre breathing the same aiiiiiir* lol
  20. Last person to post wins.

    I dunno, in some way they will live forever in you, and enemies should be destroyed utterly and completely
  21. Last person to post wins.

    It's quite satisfying.
  22. Last person to post wins.

    yeah but the constituent components that the body would use gets incorporated into the various cells of your own body, what was them gets converted into things that is used to make you. Even then it's possible that some things go completely unaltered in the process and ultimately gets used as they are.
  23. Last person to post wins.

    your body would technically strip their blood of its properties, rendering their DNA unuseable and broken down. You would ultimately *destroy* them.
  24. Last person to post wins.

    I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of becoming part of me :P
  25. Last person to post wins.

    The blood of one's slain endmies can be revitalizing to drink.... >_>
  26. Last person to post wins.

    forget Rum, I only drink Purple Drink made from Sugar, Water, and Purple
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