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  1. Yesterday
  2. Happy Red Day!~


  3. Last week
  4. Returning from the grave of past furries who have come to wonder the refuge.....

    1. braenuun


      we still here.  beyond the great yeet.  

  5. Earlier
  6. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  7. Happy Birthday!~

    YOU'RE 30!

  8. Happy Red Day!~

    I found a workaround for issue! It is indeed Firefox.

  9. Your days are red.

    1. Red


      But only on Thursdays!~

  10. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  11. Happy Red Day!~


  12. Hey all! It's been a *hot* minute since I last jumped on here.
    Glad to see this place is still kicking.
    Sad to see there isn't a general chat for me to join so I can chat with folks.
    I hope to stick around!
    If I can find something to do ^^;

    1. braenuun


      HENLO hi and WELCOME back!

      If you're on discord, that's where all the chat has moved to!  But feel free to try to stir up some dust in the forums!

  13. Is anyone else getting this issue? I can't post for days at a time a lot of features on the site but it comes and goes without warning. It could be just FireFox but it's never acted like this before. It's been going on since February,. I believe.



    1. braenuun


      I have not had this problem.  

  14. Happy Birthday! :dance:


    1. Red


      IDK? Can he?

  16. Happy Birthday! :dance: 

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      THANK YOU. It will be glorious!

  17. hey, happy red day :3

    1. Red


      @braenuun It's the happiest day of the week!

  18. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  19. Happy Red Day!~


  20. My friend's boyfriend and his mom are picking on my dear friend, yelling at her, and making her cry. I got on call and talked with her, telling her that her feelings are valid and they're stupid for pulling all this shit. They think she doesn't know any better about anything, undermines her and makes her feel like because his PTSD is "worse" than hers makes her an immature child for struggling with mental health, especially for having a support dog and described her dog as a "crutch". Would you say that to a veteran, being one yourself?! Every time she tries to bring up her feelings he's like "you can either leave or do as I say" and being a total fucking jackass. I literally want to throw this "man" into a wall. I have been in a very similar situation with a family just like his. Fuck anyone who makes people feel like they're the ones who need growing up to do, when they can't even self reflect and think "maybe I'M being the insensitive asshole". Fuck. I'm encouraging her to get the hell out of there.

  21. Happy Red Day!~


  22. I love you yet you hurt me. I trust you and my heart hurt thinking of you. My mind is filled with so much rage when I think about you however I am thankful of the life you want to push away. I will always remember you in my heart as it stings for your gentle touch one final time . . . .  .Thankyou.

    1. braenuun


      approaches with a basket of food and a blanket.  I bring offerings that you may be well.  Of these offerings, the greatest is a hug so that you may feel better.

    2. BezeFox


      Thankyou child...truly 

  23. 1 but it was more a passing comment at a club that I found out they were a furry.
  24. Attention. You are neat. That is all.

    1. Red


      Tsh, I could have told you that!

  25. Myself, as far as i know, Zero. 😛 but how about you all?
  26. Love is beautiful so value and treasure it. 

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    2. BezeFox


      This is what you call true love. You are unable to share such love if you don't love yourself. Also thank you @Red I will accept your gift as a offering.

    3. Red


      @Samurai Kai Oh Kai, you dirty gurl!~

      @BezeFox I HAVE BEEN FAVORED BY THE GODDESS! This means good luck for several minutes! rejoice!

    4. BezeFox


      @Red I am happy to see you are happy with your fortune.

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