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    Why yess hello everyone !!! nw n For those who don't remember me (it has been quite a few years haha) It's me CaptNoodles!! hello again!! I do have my commissions open to earn some quick cash to pay for some bills nw n;;a gotta love life right??? But This will be open for a while! Please Send payment once I have accepted your commission and please show proof of payment to protect not only me but you!! starting with 3 slots at a time Please be aware that i do give regular updates. Please do not ask me for updates!! Open slots! 1. 2. 3. Examples are here in this link ❤️ https://www.deviantart.com/captnoodles/gallery/?catpath=/ Link to my TOS given here ❤️ https://www.deviantart.com/captnoodles/journal/ToS-768521431 Any questions please do not hesitate to ask me ❤️
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    Howdy from the dead everyone!! Man been a long time since i wondered back on overr here ❤️ How are you all!!
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    Well hecks and hawks. Have a snack, darling.
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    What is your primary species?: i don't have one. I've never decided Do you have more then one (If so how many and list them)?: see above How long have you been a member of the fandom?: 20 years as of feb 1 2019 Have you gone to any furry gatherings? yes. anthrocon, wpafw What type of RP do you like? paragraph, third party, one on one, kink but sex lite Do you like to lead RPs or just participate? I can do either one Are you an artist of any type (If so what can you do)? I'm a writer and a colorist What do you expect out of the Refuge? just a place to hang out, i guess.
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    Not at the moment. Cause I don't have enough art to post to it. but generally i can be found at furaffinity.net/user/fzygal. if i had the money and an idea of the species i'd want to be...i'd get more art and color it.
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    Welcome to the Refuge! I hope you enjoy! If you need help getting to the discord, please let me know!
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    bored. trying to program. >.>
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    Looks like my life is finally getting back in order. I feel more positive. And I feel more like myself. <3
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    Now, there's a name I've not seen in a while...
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    heyo heart !!! ❤️