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    I finally got the smell of him out of my sheets and bedding. It's something small, but has such a big impact on my mental health.
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    The title really sums it up well. Anyway, hi, I'm Poodle, but call me whatever the hell you want to, I guess. :V Points about me: Casual, though modestly-skilled role-player (not exactly of tabletop temperament though) Dog 'sona but also have many characters, each organized into their own related groups and with associated settings (There are far too many to list, otherwise I'd elaborate more) Generally PM-Friendly Beware of dog; may bite and/or succ So... eer, hi. Hope to see the good of this place. I'll probably lurk some more.
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    Hello everyone! I have multiple sonas including a lemur dog and a ferret and been involved in furry stuff for a while. I can code and I also like to draw when I can.
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    Heartbreak feels too much sometimes, especially when feelings are still there. I cry and it still hurts the same. I have these dark thoughts. It’s hard to cope. You beg for mercy, but there isn’t any. No matter how exhausted you are inside.
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    Finally moved back home and settled in. It's quite comfortable and nice to be around my family again during such a difficult time. Now to renovate the old place, sell, and get going on my next chapter.
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    I’m new what do I do?
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    Haven't been active for a year. Decided to come back considering. 2019 has tried to ruin me. Been through a lot. The biggest life change is being left by my partner of 10 years. My whole world has been uprooted and I'm starting over. Currently in the process of moving back home with my mother to get things in order to eventually purchase my own home later this year. Lonely only begins to describe the surface of my emotions. But I'll make it through. So, yeah. Looking for friends. Trying to make new beginnings. <3
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    Think of me, think of me fondly When we've said goodbye Remember me, once in a while Please promise me you'll try When you find that once again you long To take your heart back and be free If you ever find a moment Spare a thought for me We never said our love was evergreen Or as unchanging as the sea But if you can still remember Stop and think of me Think of all the things We've shared and seen Don't think about the way Things might have been Think of me, think of me waking Silent and resigned Imagine me trying too hard To put you from my mind Recall those days Look back on all those times Think of the things we'll never do There will never be a day When I won't think of you
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    Daughtry, anyone? Most people hate them, but not me. Great band with fantastic hits. 🙂