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    Only a little over a week ago, my family was informed that our cat, Missy, had three large masses in her intestinal tract. After weeks of losing weight and concern, we had the answer that she might not be with us much longer. Today, she let us know that it was time. And she gave her final goodbye. Missy found her way into our lives through the first rescue I volunteered with. A friend of mine told me to come check her out and after hours of persistence, I convinced my mother to come meet her. Within 15 minutes, my mother fell in love and adopted her. Without getting into much detail, my mom was suffering deeply with depression. We both had lost a lot in 2012, but this cat brought a new joy into our lives. In many ways, she saved my mother. And she brought me comfort whenever she knew I needed it. And as our family grew, she continued to share her sass with others. Missy was a spunky, special, even gentle orange "cheeto" that has been taken far too early. Five years isn't enough to love and say goodbye, but I guess it is always too early. No matter how many years.. My mom's vet came to the house after hours. She fell asleep on her favorite bed surrounded by loved ones. Rest easy, sweet girl. And thank you for all you did for us.
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    I was finally able to sleep last night. Still hurting a bit, but I'm feeling more positive and everything is definitely in a better place than it was a week ago. Gotta keep moving forward.
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    You know. Sometimes people in your life will change. Best friends become bitter enemies. People you can't imagine being without leave pits in your life. But life goes on, and I think you're all neat for enduring the times good and bad. Keep going strong, Darlings.
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    Got a letter in the mail ‘Say go to war or go to jail Got a letter in the maaaail In the early morning rain Ask me what I wanna be Said I wanna do PT Ask me what I wanna beee In the early morning rain Ask me where I could sign Point it to the dotted line Ask me where I could siiiiign In the early morning rain
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    Initiate: saving coin for the only two annual events I attend for fun.
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    Got my tattoo last night. 3 hour session. Lots of soreness, but I couldn't be happier! I've had this designed since February.
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    Happy Birthday! RETURN TO US! TnT
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    Woo got a switch today. Needs to be November now. x3
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    Dusted off the cobwebs, cleaned up a little, so here I am again o/
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    A lot has changed in my life in the past few months. That said, its behind me now, and I'm glad to finally be back into the grove online-wise after moving in such a rush. While the specifics are best left unsaid, I do have more free time, so hopefully i can get around to actually posting some art on DA and FA for once. 🙂 Lately, I've been hammering away At SBTCVM's codebase, and have been more inspired art-wise. seems the change of scenery has helped my focus. For what ive been doing with SBTCVM, its kinda too many to list :p
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    “But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― Albus Dumbledore
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    Happy Birthday!
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    For time being, I'm a purple slime monster named Evil. (I'm horrible with names.)
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    Been listening to a lot of Disturbed’s music lately. It’s odd how I can sing their songs and yet do opera.
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    my art was featured in a popular youtuber's video ;u;
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    Pretty stoked. I was talking to my friend/coworker about weird hobbies and I told her "Don't worry. I'm pretty weird to;" alluding to my Furry fandomness and she was intrigued. I decided to be honest about it and she then became super excited to share with me some of her favorite anime/neko/furry characters. I guess that means I have been accepted. It's nice to have another close friend that I can be completely myself with. I even told her that I'm going to Megaplex and am happy to be open about how it goes.
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    Eat your dinner! GOSH!
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    Happy Belated Red Day!~
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    New coffee. So good! *tries to crawl into her coffee cup*
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    Like your assassins? They've failed you again. Stone and I are very much alive.
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    *does the dark and forbidden dance of fruit bat summoning* Yv(•̀A•́ )vY 🕯️🕯️🍓🕯️🕯️ *hears thunder* Uhhh...oops. I think that was a rain dance instead. ( •́ω•̀)
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    just wanted to say, i'm better than all of you, i'm the original furry lmao by e