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    People who call their normal, everyday headaches Migraines. Are you half blind because of the swirly black voids that are invading your field of vision? Are you noise sensitive? Are you light sensitive? Is the pain located behind your eyes or on just one side? Do you want to throw up? Is the pain literally throbbing so intensely that you are forced to crawl to your destination? Are you diagnosed!? No? Then it's not a migraine.
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    Granted, but it's far too dark to see. I wish for a pet dragon
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    Your art is amazing! All those scales, holy shit!
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    Happy Belated Red Day!~
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    I find it sad, though a bit comical, how empty the site feels now tat we have the Discord channel.
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    Sometimes I’m not sure whether to stay or leave certain places. I just don’t feel happy anymore.
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    When someone says they're taking "free commissions" THE WORD YOU'RE LOOKING FOR IS REQUESTS, YOU DOORKNOB
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    For me, it all really depends on what the end goal is, is it a sona you're looking at creating? a character for an RP? or maybe a story? I've taken different routes pretty much for each as far as the creation goes. A lot of characters I've created for RP type stuff, is a lot of spur of the moment kinda stuff to suit the RP, ((though on occassion, I've had a few that I retrofitted existing ones with a few small tweaks to fit)) mostly leaning toward what ideas are spurred from the RP itself, what kinda adventure is it gonna be, or what kinda role do I want the character to fill, that kinda stuff. As for more story leaning stuff of my own design, I've always found the characters sorta fill themselves out as the story's built up or pieces are developed, fitting them together to get a better picture of what exactly, and who, the character is, again with the ocassional that've been preexisting kinda fitting into it all on their own. As for a sona? well...that one I've always found varies wildly depending on the person creating it, best suggestion for that, is draw from yourself, look inward at what sorta likes, dislikes, personality and traits to find what fits, and it can be as close to, or as far from your own personality/etc as you like as well, there's a lot of variation that can go into building them, some even just go with what they find to be 'cool' and settle on that. My sona changed four times over a few years before I found what really fit for me, and it's been that now for nine or ten years now I think. Sona's can take a bit of trial and error to figure out, characters can as well, but to a bit different extent since they're not as much an 'extension' of self.
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    I pick a word or personality trait as their "core" and branch out from there.
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    For me, I take a personality trait from myself and extend it into its full potential in a character, all of my characters have been based of a part of me taken to the extreme
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    Hi there! Thanks for the good ideas! I will try to find a defining characteristic I can build a character around. Thanks, it's nice to be back, too. :) I am still too nervous to write anything, but hopefully I can start by making a character...
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    Also, it’s good to see you back again.
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    I generally start with a simple ideal. One defining detail about them that defines the character, and build off that. It keeps them simple enough to work with, but can be built to a depth unlimited. For example, I have an old badger in my cast of characters that is kinda the widened and grizzled grandpa of the club I write most of my stories about. He’s been around and seen a lot. But, unless someone is in super dire life or death danger, he’s at the clubhouse with a pint in his hand. Capt. Patch, the group grandpa that can and will fuck your shit entirely if he has to get up. But he’ll also be more than happy to sit and listen for hours while someone vents about anything.
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    She is being pushed by a large group of Templars while her arms are tied behind her. “It’s you and your world and I’m caught in the middle...” referring to Assassin/Templar conflict. “I caught the edge of the knife and it hurts just a little...” She explains in a sing song tone, how she tried to evade an attacker’s blade, but was mistaken for the attack. “Yeah, and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know that I can't be your friend...” They glare and keep pushing. “It's my head or my heart and I'm caught in the middle..” She looks back for any sign of sympathy, but of course there weren’t any. “My hands are tied but not tight enough...” This happens kind of fast in this verse. She wiggles her arms in the restraints with a playful shimmy of the shoulders before turning around and freeing herself discreetly as she walked backwards. “You’re the high that I can't give up!” She refers to the thrill of being chased, giving them the finger gun with a wink. “Oh Loooord, here we go!” Her eyes widen on ‘lord’, seeing as they draw their weapons and begins to run. “I might hate myself tomorrow but I’m on my way tonight!” She goes down a path that is purposely a dead end. “At the bottom of the bottle, you're the poison in the wine!” She signals at the word ‘bottle’, assassins on the rooftops shooting at them with sleep darts on the word ‘poison, making it look like poison, their numbers declining. “And I know I can’t change you, and I, I won’t change!” She says, gesturing to the one remaining and herself as she would finally come to a dead end with him closing in on her. Of course speaking about their difference in beliefs. “I might hate myself tomorrow but I’m on my way tonight...” A smoke bomb is tossed behind them on the word ‘hate’, the two turning to see the smoke before it clears off, revealing the bodies to spell out “Lonely Together” “Let’s be lonely together!” She exclaims with joy, walking up and leaning on the Templar’s shoulder, smirking. The man gives a look of terror, seeing his comrades and immediately takes off. “A little less lonely together...?” She watches him, her ears flattening. I got the idea while listening to this song! Maybe I’ll complete a whole scenario with the entire song one day? Just thought it would be a funny scene x3.
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    each time you will recieve a hammer, it will be thrown at you Id love to have nine beautiful tails, attatched where they belong
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    well. its not even summer yet and its blisteringly hot outside, but at least my gopherspace client is looking cool. https://sta.sh/02ewmn37jpqt Though I'm certainly not cool right now! :p
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    That feel when you finish classes for the semester but now you jump right back into your full time job
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    just finished this tonight~