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    I'm FAR too amused by my own doodles...
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    I feel so much better. Way less stress. *heaves a large sigh of relief*
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    Just to further drive this home. 40 seconds is all you need.
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    I made everyone this delicious turkey with my laptop trackpad
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    I hope you all have safe trips and a wonderful holiday! ~<3
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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~ As always, relax.....and enjoy ~ (put it on repeeeat and zooooone out)
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    I super approve of your new profile pic!
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    10% discount on everything in my shop! And TR members will get a special prize if they order $10 or more! (Something along the lines of free art ;3 ) http://etsy.com/shop/runicnature
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    Yeah that no means yes mentality is grade A bullshit and how people get raped...
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    And we'll have NONE of this on ANY thread of mine! NOT aproppriate or acceptable.
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    Boss (on the radio): Ok, everyone. It's closing time. Anyone want to take a guess at how many customers we had today? Coworker: 250? Boss: Way too low. You were in the fitting room, so you didn't see how busy it was. Me: 2,500! Boss: Too high, Naomi! Anyone else? Me: 2,600! (•̀A•́ ) Boss: What? Naomi! No! Ok, I'll make this easier. Of the 918 customers we had today, how many of them bought just one item? Me: 1,200! ~(•̀A•́ ) Boss (laughing): Naomi! D:< Coworker: Naomi. Aren't you an engineer? D: Coworker #2: Is 100 too low? Boss: Yes. Of our 918 customers, 452 bought just one item. Me: I was the closest! What do I win? (•̀ω•́ ) Boss: You're all raising my blood pressure..
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    .... ur still a butt. D:<
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    Just cuz it's stuck in your head doesn't mean it fits! D:<
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    *Has turned on ALL the lights in the TR Building! Blocks the light switches aggressively* nyaaa... Yv(•̀A•́ )vY
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    My mother's surgery went well and she came home on Thanksgiving and after a few days home I can finally say she is in the clear. One huge stressor finally down!
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    I made a coffee button! D:< I've actually had it a while, but I wasn't really using it...
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    I adore this. ADORE IT WITH ME!! D8<
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    I finally get back to work on my commissions! Thank you all for your patience who have been waiting. I really appreciate it.
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    if only I could just diagnose people with cynicism and pessimism or optimism, or as assholes and idiots. *smh*
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    I don't have anything productive to say.
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    *scuttle-dashes back and forth!* ((((((((((( •̀A•́) (•̀A•́ )))))))))))))))))) ((((( •̀ω•́) (•́ω•̀ )) (•́ω•̀ ) (•́ω•̀) I need a day off
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    This album's for you! *zones out back into the floofy ether.~*
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    @Naomi Our soothing Bard! Play us some relaxing tunes, I NEED to relax!
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    Welcome to the Refuge. I hope you enjoy it here.
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    So complicated of a question for me has nothing to do with the porn side for me has more to do with finding a true representation of the self not fitting in + looking for acceptance + living in a toxic environment during childhood + need escapism wish fulfillment naturally drawn to doing this sort of artwork as a child was given a birthday invitation involving an old artwork by artist BabiJami who was friends with Barachan which lead to conversations with both of them online and suddenly on Yerf and Side7 and then Deviantart and I'm like "wow ok this is actually a thing". At some point joined yahoo group FurryWorld where I met several people *stares at Red* and for about a month or two was the head moderator and I did an animated gif for the title but I am not a leader type so I gave it away Weird spiritual stuff about personalities and connections with the earth maybe? Even more complicated stuff about feelings of dysphoria and never feeling quite right Tail envy??? Is that a thing?
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    *walks in holding a hearing aid button battery* am i doing it right
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    Lots of pussy. Apparently my lap breaks him though... Also a couple photos of Trail BC itself
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    These photos are from Blewitt Pass here in WA
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    some photos from my trip in November. all of em were taken on my phone, so not great quality! this particular set was from Snoqualmie Pass also a video of driving through the summit!
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    Yeeees that video. Love that one! You make me proud, brae.
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    Finally back! No more creepy stalker to worry about!
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    *Yanks on a rope labeled "IN CASE OF NEW FUR" and confetti and balloons rain from the ceiling~*
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    🥐 Yv(•̀A•́ ) *flings a croissant into the fray!*
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    I'm digging her face
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    Can u lie though?
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    Etain would search I don't know how it happened She post a link and it SAAAAANG I listened to the song And watched the dance kit'ty I said "there is no way" She said "SHUT UP MY DANCE IS SYNCED"
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    Created a slightly darker theme for the meantime. We'll try to get a better one working properly soon guys!
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    Welcome to the Refuge! I hope you enjoy our little community! ~<3
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    Help it is everywhere.
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    When you know you should sleep so you get all ready for bed and then you just work for five hours instead.
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    There are definitely parts of this that it syncs up with. Approved!
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    I am now of coffee and snowmew.... Sadly though I must go do some of the adultiest of things...
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    Welcome to the Refuge. I hope you find your stay enjoyable~
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    Wellcome to the Refuge. I hope you enjoy your stay~
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    Welcome to the Refuge! I hope you enjoy your stay!