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    Bethina bezebell Fox
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    Reasons I may be a vampire: 1. My canines are abnormally sharp, and one had to be ground down when I got braces so that it didn't pop the bracket off of my tooth. 2. I have a habit of, when I get a cut on my finger, sucking on it until the bleeding stops. 8/10 taste experience. 3. The sun is an oppressive mass of shitlord where's my lovely moon. 4. It's incredibly rude to just enter without being invited in, I can't bring myself to do it. 5. Church makes me uncomfortable and I was so relieved when I didn't have to keep going to mass. Reasons I can't be a vampire: 1. I have been known to drink entire containers of garlic butter from my Papa John's orders
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    Updating my photo soon. Stay tune little ones.
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    Learning C++ and the very first thing I make with it is a program that will check what your input number is divisible by that gets increasingly angry the harder the closer you get to a prime number.
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    All these people going nuts over Bowsette and thinking it's a new craze to have the hots for Bowser, I'm just sitting here knowing that this has been going on for decades
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    Nope. Nothing proper bout you.
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    A poem i wrote: Never Chase A Techno Goose.
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    *listens to surf rock, while brainstorming ideas for games that can work in a terminal.*
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    hi mommy hope everyone is doing well. i got a new job i am working for a casino now i am a slot floor person i help guest with money and slot machine questions.. and i get to pay the jackpots and get tips. plus my new job pays every week really i get paid twice a week one is reg pay and the other is a tip check. the only bad thing its grave yard shift 1130pm till 730am but oh well its what i got to do to have a better life.. give hugs to everyone from me
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