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    So. At work....there's this high-end dress that's COVERED entirely in shiny sequins. And if you brush up over it, the sequins scales shift and stay that way. So can kiiinda......ahem....draw things on it with your finger -3- Boss over the Walkie: ...what on earth.....who......someone made an angry face on the sequins dress! (silence on the radio) Boss: .....Naomi Me: YOU HAVE NO PROOF!!! (•̀A•́ ) .... (I drew a >:c face on the entire front of the dress)
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    Boss: Ok, everyone. We need to consolidate space in the lingerie department. We have 3 racks of clearance we need to fit in tonight, and not a ton of time to do it. So anyone on the sales floor who's not currently doing a project, please report to that department to assist. Me: Oh, wow. So....are you saying that the lingerie department needs more.... support? Boss: Naomi.....for the love of god.. XD
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    >w> <w< .... I made cinnabon rolls and didn't tell anyone c:< Nyehehe.....mine (•̀ω•́ )
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    So i was playing a phone mmo called Toram online today, which is a fun game that is somewhat anime based. I was simply talking to people in map chat casually and my username is MsSquish...and some guy takes that and says this. "Can I squish my dick in you?" Of course as lewd as i can be sometimes, i am not just some whore who will obey that kind of i started insulting his dick. To be honest, jerks like this guy probably have a small one to begins with. :)
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    I'M DOING INKTOBER Slowly, but it's happening.
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    IS READY TO EVOLVE *Starts to glow very brightly as the pokemon evolution music plays in the background.* *One the music ends, i have transformed into a mildly bigger other changes.*
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    Danz is somewhat of a hero, though he refuses to acknowledge it. 'Round 5 am, he heard screaming from the river and ran down, sprinted across the bridge and helped pull a girl out from it. She's okay, if a bit shaken up. Idk why people don't realize the Columbia is a dangerous fuckin river..
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    Gonna probably start being crafty as fuck soon. Buttons/pins, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Could be fun!
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    Goodbye world! ...Well at least till this drive is done. Maybe the whole trip.
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    Found a decent sized freezer bag of pulled pork in the back of my freezer. It's like christmas.
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    Woo, gonna be a busy busy month. Canada next week for a long weekend and then Oregon the following week for work training.
  13. 2 points
    My rep is 1776... Alexander Hamilton... my name is Alexander Hamilton. There's a million thing I haven't done. Just you wait, just you waaaaait.
  14. 2 points
    *begins voraciously decorating your page with coffee and complementary spices*
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    I have achieved a new form as moderator. From now on, I will be moderate. I will be so moderate. Radically moderate. Just you wait! >:3
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    Am safely at my destination and now going to sleep. *deds*
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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~ Time to unwind a little bit ^^ Relax and enjoy ~
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    So i have this xbox friend that i play rainbow six siege with and i don't know why...but i somehow always manage to kill him by accident. The first time was pretty bad, i shot bomb into a room right when my friend was going in...and i blew him up along with another teammate. The second time someone came at him and had a gun all up in his face. I killed the person...but killed my friend as well. I kill my friend to the point that he needed to stop playing with me for a bit because I always find a way...i feel really bad too but it's so god damn funny XD
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    First day at a new job. Here's hoping I don't end up strangling anyone.
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    Happy Birthday crazyjoe! Haven’t seen you since VF!
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    Desire to art....building (•̀ω•́ ) ... (•̀ω•́ ) ((•̀ω•́ )) *vibrates*
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    Use to be scared of being on my own, but I have enough self respect to say if you put me down, I will not hesitate to remove you from my life. Never feel bad for removing toxic individuals out of your life. Your happiness and wellbeing matters.
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    So doing a training thing today one of the things they brought up was "aggressive hospitality." So I'mma practice on you. ( •̀ω•́) HI. HOW ARE YOU DOING? WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE YOU HAPPY? WHAT DO YOU NEED?! WHY AREN'T YOU HAPPY, DAMNIT?! ( •̀A•́)(oAO )
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    Just finished tearing the engine and all the electric off the original frame of my Harley... next step: installation on the new frame.... but first... bed...
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    But there's no use crying over every mistake.↵ We'll just keep on trying till we run out of cake!
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    Doing art feels so much better than anything else I ever do. I never want to stop doing art ever again.
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    *Has a banana stabbed into my heart* Naomi...i'm not going to make it...i just want you to know ...I burned your fruit stash...and the cinnamon rolls you stole. he he...he...(X,,X)
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    Happy early Thanksgiving to the very few Canadian peoples!
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    Poor Stickers :( Danz's childhood kitty was struck by a car today and probably wont survive the night.
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    Welcome to The Refuge! I hope you enjoy your stay~
  34. 1 point Anyone else wanna do this inktober thing with me
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    *gives you a BIG plate of nachos with a dessert made of sliced and macerated strawberries, and your option of heavy cream to go with the strawberries* ^w^ I tried to make you your favoritest treat, Nomi~
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    *ruminates* ((•̀ω•́ ))
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    GOD I love going to anime conventions!!! I've got work in 11 1/2 hours and I'm exhausted but still so very very hyped!!
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    I'm not sure how to say "I'm sorry for setting you on fire," so here's a strawberry of apology. 🍓
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    Hugh hefner's dead. Now where will I get good articles to read. T_T
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    Planning on trying to draw arachne in anthro form. She wouldn't cat sized like the magical, taur version of her but would still have six arms and an abdomen just above her butt. I already have a mental image...I just hope I can make it just how I imagine I --w--
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    Alright....I got this....I did all the training, and this is what I was hired for! I can do this! ((((((( •̀ω•́) *actually sees a cash register and a customer waiting* (•́A•̀ ))))))))) NYAAAAAAA!! 🛒(owo )?
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    While you're welcome to react however you choose, we do tend to put a swift kibosh to that sort of behavior. I highly recommend talking to staff, asking the member politely to stop or simply taking a short break before coming back and dealing with the situation instead.
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    Violent? That's not what it looked like from my perspective. If you ever have a problem with another member, you're more than welcome to message any staff member directly or use the report feature. Yellow/orange/red/purple names are all staff. Red can carry his jokes on a little further than people are comfortable at times, but I didn't see anything malicious. Though @Red could certainly be more genuinely helpful to new members if he's going to attempt to answer their questions... But since it's more a Staff and Elders joke than anything else and no one has really said anything about it in a long time, it's possible they weren't even thinking about it.
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    The site was created by ex members/staff from F 4 L and has often been inundated by unhappy members leaving that site. We poke fun at them occasionally and our longest running joke has been changing their name to penisland. It's the only name we have changed so far as I'm aware.
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    We actually use discord for our chat now! It's worked out pretty well! You're welcome to join us there!
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    Well, so far as I am aware, we have no intention of being anything other than a free site. Welcome to the Refuge, I hope you enjoy your stay~
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    *walks out to the bus stop from work* *Sees police nearby talking to a lady in the parking lot about... something?* *Gets to bus stop and asks nearby lady if she knows was interrupted by a crazy lady who promptly insults me calling me a weak selfish American or something along those lines.* *As said crazy lady rambles on about hating America in general... decides to say nothing and just walk away and nope my way all the way home.* ...*also hopes that the police being there and the crazy lady are not connected in some way.*
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    I've been loving hiking more and more lately. Just something about being out in nature that's incredibly soothing to my soul.
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    *Begins the ancient Etain-Summoning Ritual!* 🕯️🕯️🕯️ ☕ 🕯️🕯️🕯️ \(•̀A•́ )/