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    that feeling when your about to start givin er then trip over a tree root and break your foot only to go to the hospital and have the doctor tell you that if i had a chance to giver for a few hours when i tripped my foot probly wouldnt have broken snep problems..........
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    Hello. You can call me Terror. I'm a 23 year old trans guy whose primary (and only) species is jaguar. Aside from furry stuff, I have a soft spot for horror movies & synthwave.
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    Welcome to TR! Hope yah enjoy your time here!
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    A developer's workflow is like a craftman's tecqiuqe, no two are exactly the same. myself: graphics: The GIMP, inkscape sound & music: audacity & LMMS IDE: Geany documentation writing: Geany + markdown plugin, occasionally LibreOffice.
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    tiling engines, both the more hardware-centric found on older systems like the NES, and the more modern software centric ones, are a cornerstone of 2D gaming. I myself have written a few tiling engines. such as this one i never wound up using: What kinds of tiling engines have you worked on? any off the shelf ones you've used? ever written one?
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    Open source games have this track record of being a mixed bag. some look gorgeous (Super Tux Kart, some look a /teeny bit/ more dated. (minetest) several open source games use an existing engine for graphics (i.e. irrlicht engine), but not all of them. Others, like AssultCube, use mostly existing engine tech. and even commercial games sometimes use open source components. like Bullet Physics, and lua. As far as open source 3D game engines, i myself can only recall a few: blender's game engine irrlicht godot 2D open source engines are as common as sand nowadays, even i have worked on a few of them. such as my point and click adventure game engine, desutezeoid, and its XML-based boolean keyword logic. (it does have a crude script as well in the form of a slightly enhanced animation script system.) Are you working on/using a open source game engine for something?
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    spent the whole day installing debian after my previous Linux install went and broke yesterday... "Yea sure you'll get work done tomorrow... april fools!" >.>
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    Anyone else into the venerable 3D platformer genre? As a kid, i grew up with many of the countless 3D platformer's littering the PS1 and PS2 libraries. From the legendary crash, to a certain yellow sponge. While my collection from my childhood is long-gone, nowadays my library contains a few: Mario Galaxy Mario 64 DS A Wii tie-in for Night in the museum: battle for the Smithsonian. Sonic Colors and hopefully more to come... What sorts of 3D platformers did you play as a kid? Any you play nowadays? any on your wishlist? Also, What do you think of the recent resurgence in the genre?
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    Id wish more people would try wii games. seems everyone is just afraid of motion controls... Most wii games don't have that bad controls (at least with a nunchuck) and some even support the venerable GameCube controller. Heck, they don't even all have motion controls to begin with. and some games use pointer controls very well.
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    Happy Birthday!