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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~ Everything's alright ~ close your eyes and breathe
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    *Throws coffee everywhere and pushes things off all the surfaces, including the coffee that landed on them*
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    Every. Damn. MORNING.
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    comm for Girr and Miral!
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    Doing multiple slots of these for $5 each, extra for complicated designs. Only making minor edits to the lines. Lines on the right were done by Rune and are used with permission.
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    it's been a bad weekend, but things are getting better slowly
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    Spend the first half of the day programming and the other half drawing naked things to relax, Life is good when it wants to be.
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    Are... are you serious oh my goodness
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    I WIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Yv(•̀A•́ )vY .....(•̀ω•́ ) What's my prize? ( •̀ω•́)
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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~ Detach and enjoy.
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    I like Patrick Rothfuss books, Fantasy/Medieval settings, RPGs, Netflix series, and I practice Medieval European Martial Arts, which includes all sorts of swordfighting. ;)
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    This is great! I think my issue is that I never really had a deep reason to learn it in fine detail? I'm going to make an effort now though b/c I don't want to be caught without being able to do it once that time comes. Also, serendipity and all, @Razi mentioned on the chats some more resources so I thought I'd pay it forward here: https://twitter.com/i/moments/930838842814296064 list of tweets involving some known industry artists that show some good simplified anatomy references and etc. https://www.pinterest.com.mx/richmanwolf5000/anatomía/ SO MANY ANATOMY POSTS
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    i may have finally found the answer to my severe fatigue and issues with driving. HECK YEAH
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    I had some of the strangest dreams ever. Y'all are weird in my dreams...
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    Doing better than be me! Ha!
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    week 2 of new job coming up. The constant travel is a nightmare, but the job itself is great. I hope I can live up to their expectations and ramp up fast enough. Also god I thought I was almost done this animation and then THE RENDER TIMES APPEARED.
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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner ~ As always.....relax, enjoy, and check out the artist if you like what you hear ~
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    he does this weird fish flop and just kinda falls off the bed and ends up between the bookshelf and bed. The first dozen or so times it happened, I tried waking him to get him back on the bed, but he never wakes up SO FINE YOU CAN STAY THERE. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26198097/
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    Seasonal snuffles are NO MATCH for my incredible immune system!! \(•̀A•́ )/ *is certain she jinxed herself just now, and will likely succumb within seconds!* .... .... (xAx)
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    Me: Ok, so I've got a few artists lined up because I was an idiot and everything went to my junk mail...Who to commission? Sam: Well fuck! Kippy has some badas- Me: -CONVEUSEDEWE IS GOING THROUGH FAMILY TROUBLE AND NEEDS MONEY!?!?! Sam: But this is my ref... Me: SHADDUP I RELATE TO HER PROBLEM! HEY ARTIST LADY! TAKE ALL MAH MONEY! Sam: Why tho Me: BECAUSE Me: I Me: RELATE, 2 THAT Sh!T! Sam: Ok...Just don't break the ban- Me: *Does his best to spend as much as possible* Ok, but really guys! confusedEWE is going through some stuff, check her journal for the story but i'm trying to get her name out to help her out! She does some nice, cheap, and fast art and well...She really needs the money! NSFW Warning! https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/5998bc3f82544944245c2c1a/5a8ced56853548b79b6fa975/3a8ac178d1cea09e58e019e677541804/Sam_Martz_Ref_[COMM].png She does pretty great art~ Though I need to commission all the other artists I asked for commissions from too now >X3
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    So I made the decision to cut my nails even though I've been growing them out for the past two months because of how uneven they are. We're starting from zero. I'm also holding a funeral. ( •́ω•̀) 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️ - (•́ω•̀ ) One candle for each nail.
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    photoshop brush experiment that idk if i like it lol
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    Well found out why I was getting ignored...All their emails from FA went right to my spam folder...How, or why...I dunno... But now I need to find out when this chick is open, I got to her just as she stopped taking slots. I would stalk her on FA but I guess work just blocked the site...I need help stalking and artist X3 http://www.furaffinity.net/user/malificus/
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    Hi. I go by Kia. I'm Ryokenohki's person. She draws me as a raccoon, so that's my species I guess. I enjoy food and writing, but not necessarily RP. Generally friendly. Exclusively here to talk about butts in the discord. nice2meetu.
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    XD you are too relatable, I do literally anything to not make a second trip to pick things up from the car.
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    procrastination at it's finest, there are like 4 more pages but I don't know the rules regarding hentai, made them a few nights ago trying not to get shit done.
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    Some idea sketches for some bad wolves. Mostly shape exercises.
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    fuck this day, totally wasted day, spent running around fixing the house and sweeping mopping dust from a renewal on the first floor, I hate dust.
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    Dnd, R.A salvatore books, dnd games on pc, bit of anime, alot of cartoons, old arcade games,and cake :-P
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    It was fun to use discord for the first time. As mentioned her is a prelim using 3D models: https://sta.sh/01v7rgc6m044 It's how this pic started out:
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    I'm really glad that your dad is doing better! I hope this keeps going on!
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    I love this all XD just pure amazing really
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    I think what you need is a cheat sheet, one thing that helps, at least it does for me is Concentrate on a single thing, practice arms, just arms, find a 3d model of one or pictures like this and copy, but try to understand what goes where and why, and then once you copied every pose now try to fill in the gaps between poses, it's mechanical but it helps, once that is done and understood you can do oversimplifications of the same thing. Don't give up, always use references.
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    Brought home another guitar..hnnn she's so pretty
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    Hello my little followers I will continue my tales today. I took a short break but will resume.
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    I find that i am much happier without the pressure of having to take commissions to survive. They're few and far between, but i really enjoy it because it gives me time to relax and do my own things without feeling guilty that I'm not working on owed stuff. I never want to go back to the point where I have to take commissions to survive- that was a horrendously miserable time and nearly destroyed my drive.
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    Hey there, folks! While not a new member by any means, it's definitely my first time back to the site in a year or so, maybe more! I'm happy to be back, however, and to meet some fine and friendly folks! Those that knew me probably knew me before I sorts...poofed, I was a Jackal! Now, I've decided to tone things down a bit with my newest, most personal sona! Shane the three-toed sloth! Ref below... or above, wherever it puts it! A little 'about me' before I leave you folks alone. I like most basic things- video games, books, camping and hiking, etc etc! I'm also a fairly active roleplayer and writer, so if any of you would happen to be interested in setting up a story.. lemme know! Anyway, folks, nice to be back! Toodles!
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    Sometimes he goes kung fu zombie. He also often rolls over to specifically snore in my ear. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26177416/ You can also find pages on https://chinbearstudios.tumblr.com
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    Those are the best kinds! *starts scribbling*
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    All professional like!~
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    So I get to leave my current job, because you can't go 5 Damn minutes without bring grabbed inappropriately by another employee, but on the bright side I am looking for two part time jobs so I can finish up my college, maybe even continue a career in welding too.
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    so what do they claim? kinda the reason to always start with a contract.
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    Took all day yesterday off. IT WAS TOTALLY MY IDEA TO DO SO! And I am feeling very refreshed today!
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    commission batch from a while ago
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    Onion Rings are Weapons of Mass Entertainment Rys makes that 'busted' face all the time IRL http://www.furaffinity.net/full/22910302/
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    Happy St George's day n such!