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    Boss: (over the radio) We've got a vehicle idling in front of the store. I'm going to go bring some carts in from outside and see if I can determine if it's anything suspicious. Me: Want me to come help? Boss: No, that's ok, but thanks, Naomi. Me: I can go right up to them and knock on their window (•̀ω•́ ) Boss: Please don't. Me: Gonna go yell at them now, ok? (•̀ω•́ ))) Boss: Wait. What- Me: Gonna go fisticuffs (•̀ω•́ ))))) Boss: Fisti-whats? Coworker: What's going on? Boss: I don't know! D: Me: Fisticuffs! >A<
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    finally redid my old-ass commission price sheet. looks so nice now
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    One of my good friends from school recently passed away, on April 20th of this year from a fentanyl overdose. She was a recovering addict and I decided to honor her memory by making her a character in Dragon Age: Origins as an elf with red hair and brown eyes like she had. Made her a city elf because she loved (and lived in) the city, and made her a warrior because she was a real fighter with good heart and purpose. Determined to quit/fight the darkspawn. I even gave her a cocky voice to add some spice to her. Though the character has some attitude and ferocity, she will always remain the same girl. The one with a heart of gold. <3
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    .....I got a fidget spinner .3. DON'T JUDGE MEEEE!!! ;A;
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    *Peeks* Back again. Um. >.> HI. Been gone since January.
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    So over fishing prawns this year fuckin tired of empty traps
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    You think you're all that... BUT YOU'RE NOT! *mean face*
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    (•̀A•́ )))))) *scuttles with determination!*
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    I paint with sound! :P I should start a thread for music when I can.I gotta say album cover art is cool as hell tho.:P I do some poetry and writing.
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    I gotta get around to finding some inspiration to doodle again...
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    So the picture I've been using as Glaive was simply a placeholder. Got around to doing a little more doodling before my patience ran dry so that same sergal became the beginning of Vercie's drawing as attached here.
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    To every one of Tails Refuge, I enjoyed our times together and wish to share more. However, I will finish my tales and consider returning to the other side to resume my duties. This means I am in the decision of leaving this site. Even if this choice may be considered an option I want to thank everyone who joined me on this journey. Bethina Bezebell Fox.
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    Nerf party for the kids tomorrow. I am not prepared.
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    (Putting this in a forum post because it's too long for a status.) I've recently heard of where people fuse their fursona with an oc, and I'm thinking of doing that with Pixie and Myth! I'm still going to have the two as their own characters (Myth as my "rp sona" and Pixie as my "main fursona" if that makes sense?), but also probably going to have this new "fusion fursona" where I combine both of them! She's... Just going to be an OC, and probably going to either be a complete fusion (as in, the two are "trapped" in the same body, which has characteristics of both of them) or just her own character that looks like a fusion: it's going to depend my mood at the time/the rp I'm in, more than likely. I'm working on deciding a name, then will begin writing the info (which will probably just be a written description, tbh, since the "backstory" will vary depending on what kind of fusion she is at the time). Hopefully I'll get back into rping after this, too!
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    -Emergency Nao-Blah Day Comfort Mode Engaged. Don't have to adult today, so I won't. Conjures up a pillow and blanket fort, boots up "Whisper of the Heart" and Skyrim-
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    My new ears came in and I am pleased.
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    *Hushy used rest, but it failed* oh come onnn lemme sleep
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    FINALLY got one of my projects to where I just need to make art assets for it. Took me long enough. Expect PMs for playtesting when I get all my placeholders in.~
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    (•̀ω•́ ))))) *does Argonian things*
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    Here's me and the ultimate bae. Weird thing for any older TR members: I swear to god I saw Hoss today. Or at least someone who looks just like him. Blast from the past
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    Programming's exhausting yet rewarding. Sleep now....
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    I have somehow won 100 days. I blame Stone... and Nomi.
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    *enters post-art-explosion rest mode* -3-
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    Enjoy this page of important meeting notes in lieu of the wip pic I was going to post prior to sudden pc stuff occurring similarly I hope you truly enjoy my lovely phone photoshop skills on editing out the actual notes
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    Hi there! It's good to know that there's a newcomer like me here in this forum. :) Welcome!
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    Working from home today due to being ill. So glad my job is understanding of schedule flexibility.
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    Salutations and have a sensational stay at this safehaven of somewhat solemn special somebodies
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    I'm on an unstoppable art roll! D:< Imma juggernart! >A<
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    Still obnoxiously proud of a few of the photos from the last set i juussstt posted in my photography thread (namely the waterfall ones)
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    Welcome to Naomi's Relaxing Music Corner! \(•́ω•̀ )/ On tonight's menu is..... Connect.Ohm, with their album "9980" Enjoooyyy ~
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    I was helping a friend out with their tile mapping and I deiced to make a public project out if it. Have a look!
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    going to write an origin story for wolfy soon
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    I said goodbye to them...only 2 cared....shows how much i am hated and unwanted
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    I'm back, sorry about all that. I had personal crisis that i'd rather not talk about right now and it made me feel like crap for a couple of days...but i survived.
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    Ohey lookit I drew Red
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    MOM HOW DO YOU KNOW DIS BIRB? IS THIS MY DAD? I still don't know who fatherbirb is ;-;
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    Decided to dye my hair recently Adding some highlights soon
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    Look who's finally back? Fuck me dude. Anyways, I have a plan for on here that I'll announce when I get back from some errands. It involves erotica so if that tickles your tail, keep an ear up and an eye out.
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    Thank you for the warm welcome, people!
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    You do truly seem like a Mighty Fine Equine! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have Fun!! *HUGS*
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    For @Ryokenohki 's BDay!
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    Hmm....maybeh ~ but so many feathers. I might sneeze ;w; *sniffles*