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    This is a little excerpt from a story I've been writing.           Hex moans as he slowly wakes, looking around the room with a confused look. Yelling in pain when he tries to move, shakily he slowly removes the towel over his body, revealing a dreadful sight.         His body, from his waist to below his collar bone, was only organs. He still had parts around the sides, but his muscle, skin and fur was all gone. His heart was under his ribs like it should be, beating steadily. He watched himself breath deep,  not bleeding miraculously, he could even see his veins intact, pulsing gently with blood. His intestines, stomach, liver, all of his organs were exposed. He could even see parts of his spine.        He was still too dazed to panic, which was good. His adrenaline probably would have killed him. He looked slowly at the monitors, they all showed he was in stable condition, yet he felt like it was probably a good Idea to not move at all. It would have been near impossible anyways. He had no muscles in his midsection after all.        Hex didn't know how this happened or how he got here, but he was just hoping that Ichtera or Rahrez would get back soon. He didnt want to be alone, especially not in this condition. Then again, both of them were bloodthirsty monsters. He wasn't sure if they could keep their cool around something so scared and vulnerable.
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    TFAM is made of pure 100% all natural awesomesauce >:c <3
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    Droid ftw! Sour or sweet?
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    I'm more than happy to consider TFAM a friend ^^
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