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    Still obnoxiously proud of a few of the photos from the last set i juussstt posted in my photography thread (namely the waterfall ones)
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    Apologies to everyone I'm RPing with at the moment, but last night at work SUUUUCKED and I'm liable to just sit here and gel, rather than make any responses today. However, my weekend starts tomorrow, so I'll probably pick up the energy to reply some time then or the next day.
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    TR really needs to stop murdering my attempt at uploading a new icon
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    Welcome to Naomi's Relaxing Music Corner! \(•́ω•̀ )/ On tonight's menu is..... Connect.Ohm, with their album "9980" Enjoooyyy ~
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    It's a baby dual-color 3D print.. Wonder what it is! Coming along well Finished. Bet you can tell what it is now. Ooze shield removed. Closeups.. I really need to resurface my bed. But lazyyy. Top layer looks good. I think I might have this dual-color stuff down.
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