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    Hi! I'm Alex! Also known as Lx, Exandria, or Ishar! I'm 18, and from Auckland, NZ. I'm a Systems Engineer in the Army. I enjoy D&D/ most TTRPGs, reading, writing, and generally being alive... I'm also Trans, MTF I write for most fantasy genres, and usually for D&D related things. I guess you could call me an addict. My fursona species is a Dragon, by the name of Sapphiraktar - Who, incidentally, is the BBEG in my latest 5e campaign. I draw - when the mood strikes me and I sing, constantly. I haven't been to any Furry meet ups, mostly because there's none here. Apparently. I enjoy writing RP, and I do a TON of it. I lead and participate in equal measures. I enjoy mostly Fantasy based rp, with more story than smut. I hope to make friends and generally have a good time on here! And play a ton of D&D wheeeee~ She/her pronouns! PS. Bonus points if you get the/make a Critical Role reference!