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    I'm so excited. I just bought my costume items for my Velma cosplay in August. I am PUMPED.
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    On the job hunt again since my manager fucked me over for the third time in a year. I'm about done. Ready for a change a place that actually takes care of their employees.
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    I finally got the smell of him out of my sheets and bedding. It's something small, but has such a big impact on my mental health.
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    The Samurai set herself up to perform in a little tavern nearby, with a small “orchestra” her little sister prepared her flute for the song, which was sung to the tune of Rattay Feasts from KCD. “Alright, well, it goes like this!” She coughs, clearing her throat. Once upon a time I met a tiger general, For his armor ‘twas made of gold, and his eyes shined like the emerald He was the most noble warrior These two eyes had seen! Sometimes my mind wanders back to what we could have been! Then the day arrived I had to leave the city! I could sense him from behind, He wanted to come with me! I told him with a heavy heart, “I must go alone.” Once I left the city’s walls, He stood there on his own. Does he ever dream at night? How I look in the moonlight, Or us fighting side by side? Fighting evil day and night! I gotta, gotta get, I’m going back to Delgin! There I will confront his King To tell him that I love him! “A warrior of nobility, and strength he did possess If I cannot apologize, my heart will never rest!” There I, there I was, I was back in Delgin Accompanied by his King, We went to the courtyard In a fever of excitement I kicked open the doors! It was then and there that I heard a mighty roar! Why you should have seen the look plastered on his face! Once I ran and tackled him, in a romantic embrace! She would bow, the crowd laughing and cheering at this little love story. “Thank you, thank you!”
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    Been making good strides with the car this week. Had all week off from work, and I’m trying to make the most of it.
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    Just learned the news on the UMG fire... Quite a tragedy... Master tapes from everyone from Elton Jhon to Luis Armstrong... gone. just search "UMG fire" its all over the internet. What really has me (and many others) furious, was this fire, happened in 2008, and Universal Music literally out and lied that they hadn't lost anything... for 11 years...
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    Someone on Instragram asked if I'd be interested in being their Sugar Baby. Lmao That's a new one.
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    Made some music today: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32079858/
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    Finished a piece of pokemon art. Someone told me to make it a shirt, but idk yet.
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    Hello everyone! I have multiple sonas including a lemur dog and a ferret and been involved in furry stuff for a while. I can code and I also like to draw when I can.
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    Heartbreak feels too much sometimes, especially when feelings are still there. I cry and it still hurts the same. I have these dark thoughts. It’s hard to cope. You beg for mercy, but there isn’t any. No matter how exhausted you are inside.
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    Finally moved back home and settled in. It's quite comfortable and nice to be around my family again during such a difficult time. Now to renovate the old place, sell, and get going on my next chapter.
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    Daughtry, anyone? Most people hate them, but not me. Great band with fantastic hits. 🙂