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    I wasn't paying quite enough attention to catch it, but yesterday marked my first year anniversary on this site. I give my thanks to all those that operate the site, owner, admins and mods for keeping it running. I also thank all of those with the patience to put up with me! TR has given more than I thought I'd ever need. ^ w^
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    Give this status a like. I DEMAND IT ! \( >_<)/
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    Final leg of the journey. Will be back in Denver tonight with @Arcas, the best person in the world!
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    I've lost weight, a lot in my face. I feel leaner, look healthier. Wore some makeup today.....felt a little pretty ~
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    Now I wait. My medical exam and interview were a success. The recruiter told me he looked through my file and said I am quite eligible, and for a number of trades even. I think this year will be quite successful, definitely difficult but the self growth that comes with it is worth it all. I'd like to thank the people of TR for their love and support. Especially Riley, that man has really helped me when I was so down, anxious and doubting myself. I can't thank you all enough. Thank you for helping me see what I couldn't in myself, and Riley for being as supportive as he always is. I am truly grateful. <3
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    Finally submitted my application for the forces, had everything they needed and now I wait~ I hope I am accepted!
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    It's been snowing all day in Denver. It's cold outside, and warm inside where I'm sitting with the one I love. There's something special about nightfall in winter... especially when you're with someone so wonderful.
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    Ahhh guys I got a new pic done isn't it super duper cute! PS I love christmas and I love giving out presents to everyone so don't be shocked its already christmasie
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    It is Jessie the Chessy's 1st birthday as of today. In honorary celebration of this momentous occasion, her father, V01D, has created a younger sister for her. Please welcome sweet little Odylisque to the world. Here's to many years of the Demi-V01Ds existence.
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    So while I was gone I forgot I had comissioned some art to be done and the artist finished it so I had this little cutie waiting till I got home
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    Rather crazy that I've been on TR for a year now! The past year here has been a blast! I really want to thank all the furs that helped and befriended me over the past year, couldn't ask for better friends then that! ^W^ Here's to another great year here on TR! ^w^
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    It is early, cry I had insufficient sleep bring on the coffee
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    My furry family: thanks for always being there for me when the chips are down. You know who you are. You mean the world to me. ^w^
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    Someone who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes, while everyone else believes your smile
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    Guess who passed. GUESS WHO PASSED. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW. Four guys failed and I was the only girl there. I SUCK at math so much and somehow I STILL ended up passing. I still keep asking myself HOW. Thank you all so much for the support for it means a lot to me! I did it Riley! <3
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    I just wanna say thank-you to my fellow furs and scales (and feathers and in-between) and I apologize for my lashing out, anger, and unrelenting sadness and depression recently. There is really no excuse for my mood swings and I greatly appreciate you all standing by me and providing me with words of comfort (And Nomi's wisdom, as she is wise beyond her years).. Some of you I've barely talked to before and have stepped forward, trying to help. Your words have not fallen on deaf ears, and I am sorry if I seem unappreciative of those words. I do appreciate you and your support. I have love for a lot of you, wether you think I do or not. So thank-you, new friends and old.. My issues aren't over, not yet.. but it is getting better. I will probably be angry on and off, mostly at myself, but it'll pass.
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    i made scrambled eggs for the first time, silver taught me how. Well he made it while i watched... but i ate them so that counts right?
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    I'm having that issue where I look in my fridge, and it's full of food, and there's nothing to eat.
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    An elderly groundskeeper saw me standing in the cemetery by myself in the rain. He came over and asked if I was ok. I said "I don't know". He looked at me for a few moments and then asked "Are you a ghost, miss?" ...I told him "I don't know. I don't think so." He then said "Are you sure? Only ghosts stand in cemeteries in the rain. I've seen it." He looked at me for a few moments and asked "that isn't your headstone you're looking at, is it?" I told him "my father's." He then smiled and said "he must be very proud of you." I started to cry...i don't know if he noticed because of the rain, and said "I don't know.."
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    Summer of 2016. She calls it the Furry Summer of Love, a heavenly time when our hearts opened. I'm really happy for her. And for myself. So I couldn't agree more - I like this summer season a lot. I love you, birbfloof. <3
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    Those days when everything breaks, nothing works, and you're ready to pull your hair out... then you turn to the one who always makes you happy and all the trouble just fades away. I love you.