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    You game, I game, I'm sure there's something you've seen or done to be proud of! Share your clips or screencaps from your gameplay! Any games apply here! If it's confusing for others, add a little backstory or info for what is going on. I'll start with my Overwatch play not sucking for once!
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    That was sick! To be fair, they totally did just funnel in though. No cover or anything.
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    I'm in awe of people that can play R6S so well. I can't break out of my DOOM habits, and just go sprinting in.
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    Oh that was sick, tho. Better watch out cuz SnowmewJ is givin em the hands. This was probably the first time I went mvp in Siege? I think
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    Got a letter in the mail ‘Say go to war or go to jail Got a letter in the maaaail In the early morning rain Ask me what I wanna be Said I wanna do PT Ask me what I wanna beee In the early morning rain Ask me where I could sign Point it to the dotted line Ask me where I could siiiiign In the early morning rain
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    Initiate: saving coin for the only two annual events I attend for fun.
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    Got my tattoo last night. 3 hour session. Lots of soreness, but I couldn't be happier! I've had this designed since February.
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    Welcome to the Refuge. Hope you enjoy your stay~
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    I know I’m not the greatest at keeping up or in touch, just know you’ll be missed. The door ain’t locked behind you if you change your mind, k?
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    Granted, but when you go to drink it it just spills onto the ground. I wish to have a movie night.
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    Welcome to the refuge! I do hope you enjoy it here and please join us on discord!