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    WELCOME! \(•̀A•́ )/ *helps you do your watercolor stuff* (•̀ω•́ )
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    I can't tell.....if this is the worst thing I ever drank........or the best... (•́ω•̀ )~?
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    Funny to think that in 9 days I'll be going into hospital for a week to be probed and forced to have seizures just so my doctors can find out what part of the brain my seizures originate from and to assess if I am a brain surgery candidate to permanently stop them. I am scared shitless but this excited at the same time because serious things are getting done about them. I'm holding onto the thin chance that they originate from a part of my brain that can be operated on so surgery becomes a corrective option however the chance of brain surgery for me is around 5% to 10%. My Eptologist believes that my brain may be too malformed so surgery is most likely unable to be performed without major risks but is still hoping for a miracle to occur.
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    Welcome to the NaoMusic Corner: NOSTALGIA EDITION!! \OAO/ Relax and enjoy and remember fondly the good ol' days~!
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    I guess, but I run into that a lot.
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    Welcome to the Refuge! I hope you find it enjoyable here!
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    Welcome to the Refuge! I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    I can! *is better*
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    Heck yeah, productivity!
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    Let me know if you ever do. I have mine in my desc.
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    My dad is finally home. It was close but he's going to be ok. I'm so relieved.
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    The desert has a sick sense of humor so it's hot during the day and freezing cold during the night. No snow though, thankfully.
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    What am I up to atm? I am having one of those times where I can't seem to draw anything so I am mostly doing basic shape and perspective exercises. I am also considering doing some writing exercises to help with my creativity block.
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    *plays in it regardless*
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    gosh guys you gonna make this sharky blush crimson red with all the lovely greetings you threw at me luv ya all your so nice
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    awwww thank you thats so cute :)
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    I can't believe it... I'm actually almost done this project. And I have a job that starts soon. *cries* Things really are starting to look up.
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    Godzilla: Monster Planet is a cool film. Go watch it on Netflix.
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    *searches for a dance remix of the Jaws Theme to welcome you here* (•̀ω•́ ) (•́ω•̀;) Oh jeez, I..uh...actually found one. I was...well....mostly joking! Well um.....Welcome to TR! And um....here's a dance remix of Jaws! \(•́ω•̀ )/ *suddenly ruminates on the seemingly limitless universe of the internet* ( •́ω•̀) .... ( •́ω•̀) .... ( •́ω•̀) *hides under a blanket* /(•́ω•̀)\
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    Well, my new computer is up and running, but it's not recognizing my HDD. I'll have to figure that out before doing too much, because my SSD is only 250Gb.
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    oh damn, I'll have to update my profile when I get home! FA is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spiderwolves/ (you already follow me there, if memory serves) and tumblr is https://your-cat-is-problematic.tumblr.com/ which is mostly requests from my last round of request-taking on the FA forums.
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    *leaves some elevator music for everyone to relax to while I work* -3-
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    it was my favorite in the series. tbh.
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    Ok, I'll give it a chance. FOR YOU!
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    I'm streaming tonight! It's my first time streaming a multiplayer game, and first time I'll be using a mic! Wish me luck and feel free to watch!
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    To be aztec she needs to use either a shit ton of jewelry, jade and gold, with a pretty sophisticated penacho on top and make up, and blackened sharpened teeth. Aghhh a friend is inviting me to watch star wars last jedi tonight, but he insists in me watching the previous one which i haven't seen or care, purposely i haven't seen mad max so I can tell people "dude i haven't even seen mad max do you think I am gonna give the time of day to that shit (whatever movie is recommended and supposedly a must watch) What is there to see? some fuckos with light sabers, it's not science fiction, it's fantasy, how hard is it to understand? it's not a 19th century russian drama.
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    Thinking about streaming Rainbow Six Siege Comp on my YouTube...Come watch me play Buck, the Canadian with absolutely zero recoil control and a skeleton key that may or may not kill!
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    I SCRIBBLED SOMETHING! I timed myself and this is how far I was able to get. I have a lot of improvement to go. She is supposed to be Aztec but she looks more "mardi gras".
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    i decided to fuck all and play a little (like 6 hours straight), haven't played anything for almost two months.
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    My finger joints are killing me. That's not an excuse for not uploading today. I'm having a "perfectionist moment". X3
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    Things are looking up~
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    freezing my ass, hate cold. also this, scp practice i did some time ago, btw that's my facebook page.
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    New comic pages soon!
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    *melts into the warm shade*
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    also I seem to stand out from crowds lol My wife's boss met me 15 years ago when i studied japanese for the first time, lasted only a couple of months then i never saw her again for 15 years and she remembered me lol also the woman seems to have prodigious memory.
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    I am always respectful towards the cleaning staff and they always seem to like me, cops and security hate me for no reason just like horses.
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    I learned it from dealing with tech support and bureaucrats. Neither should ever be treated with disrespect. Being their ray of sunshine that day will work wonders!
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    The day just keeps getting better and better for all of us, yes!?
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    Another christmas miracle, the client admited his mistake apologized and sent the money.
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    that's great, honestly knowing your dad is out of danger is awesome news i really mean it. I was feeling shitty because a client decided to cheat some cash (300usd) from a completed project, but hearing your dad is going to be ok it kinda lifts my spirit.
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    Rejoice! The doctors said that he's now "out of danger"!
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    Gonna be streaming a YCH I'm completing. Feel free to drop by and watch~ https://picarto.tv/Etain Mic: Off Music: On
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    What's HACK FRAUDS? It sounds interesting.