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Nealime Kenna

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Nealime Kenna last won the day on August 31 2015

Nealime Kenna had the most liked content!

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  • Birthday 03/17/1995

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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. I need your discord shiznit 

    o.o it's semi working on my phone now.

    Gimme yo digits.

  3. *Steals your icon for herself* D:

    1. CoffeeMom


      No! Not my icon!!! *sads*


    1. Maluenda


      I thought I saw you on the path adjacent.

  5. *is missing my Neal and depands I get huggies soon sits and hmphs waiting*

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Good you better bee *nums on*

    3. Nealime Kenna

      Nealime Kenna

      *kisses the top of your head*

    4. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      *kisses back* ^w^ I feel all loved *wiggles*

  6. Hey. Hey. You. You.

    1. Nealime Kenna

      Nealime Kenna

      Yes this is me, how can I help you malu bby <3


  7. I'm the big guy in the middle back, Payday 2 cosplay at Elfia. Also met doctor who! (me on the right with the Nealime badge) And one more normal picture of me on the right again, the little guy is my lil bro.

    1. Maluenda


      I liked Just Dream. 

      My son likes to watch the videos when he's bored

    2. Nealime Kenna

      Nealime Kenna

      Do you know die in a fire? I play this when I'm pissed at someone. 


    3. Maluenda


      Lmao I do. I probably know all of them by now. I know a lot of people think the fandom is crazy but it sure did inspire some awesome music. 

      That's a good song to play for anger. Might try it.

  9. Someone has been spreading this private video of you. Twasn't me!


  10. -makes a mess of everything on your page and then leaves again-


  11. O: Well whay did I deserve this adorable little follower for?

  12. Little something from me on my vacation in France~ :3
  13. I need a reliable way to contact you for my daily doses of sphy =3= <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sphynxy


      Yeah! Sorry it took a long time for me to get back to you >.< Busy

    3. Nealime Kenna
    4. Sphynxy


      I'll look up Discort and send you a PM of any details

  14. Ho ho ho... graduated and got a job. Now that that's all over I can waste my time on the fandom again :D. (Secretly I just missed the porn)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Samurai Kai
    3. CoffeeMom


      I MISSED YOU!!!! *flerps on Neal*

    4. Nealime Kenna

      Nealime Kenna

      *Gasps and just takes this like a man* HAIETAIN

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