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Cef Fur

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Cef Fur last won the day on February 2 2014

Cef Fur had the most liked content!

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  • Birthday 11/14/1961

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    Border Collie
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    I love Everybody...
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    Single, Will yiff for food
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    Out of my Mind

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  1. Ummm.... Are there any Corndogs left? *Looks Hopeful*
  2. I've got some industrial strength Cyanoacrylate.....
  3. You do truly seem like a Mighty Fine Equine! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have Fun!! *HUGS*


    1. Cherokee_Lady


      Thanks I will :)

  4. I just can't believe this topic is still running!! *HUGS* All Y'All!!
  5. Feeling more comfortable already! *HUGS*
  6. Great Moogly oogly... The last time I posted here, I think there were about 12,000 posts..... Have mucho fun! TAG, someone's it!
  7. Merry Christmas to you all! I wish I could pick you all up, and hug you soooo tightly! I Love My Furry Family!!

    1. Aeraldi


      And a Merry Christmas to you as well! Happy Furs all around!

    2. MillaLykosSharpe
  8. Being scarce for a while. If you need me, FB messenger, or Text, if you have it. Just too much right now. Backing out, a bit. And Skype, even though my notifications aren't working right.

  9. Can't shake these negative feelings.. Feel so hopeless sometimes.

    1. White


      You wanna talk? I'm gonna be on Skype tonight.

    2. Mellorious


      I think we all go through his sometimes, and it sucks. Just know you're not alone, ok?

  10. I like the way TFAM looks at me!
  11. These are wonderful pictures! I am glad you posted them!
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