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  1. im playing League right meow!! Mecha Draco is my name look me up.
  2. Man with everything truely has nothing if he has no one.

  3. I always have something to say, sometimes though I dont have the balls to say it.

  4. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!!! *flares lab coat and arm a little*
  5. My weirdest fetish is all of them, there is literally Nothing I will say no too, cept diapers, I dont get diapers, I dont know why people are into them, and I dont want to know why, but literally, and I mean LITERALLY anything else, is a more then likely gonna be a yes, as long as it's what you want baby ;}
  6. I unfortunately live north of Atlanta about 4 hours away in Tennessee, I would still come and visit that area if I had the time, and knew people there well enough to visit at least, since it really isn't that far.
  7. you know in the end, one of admins is gonna win this when they decide to go, "Sorry guys we are taking/locking this topic down, hope you all had fun, and I WIN BITCHES!!" lol
  8. Just thought I would let everyone know I ended the stream early at 12 hours instead of the 24, Took alot out of me to get that far, and with no one watching or chatting Decided to call it, I still had loads of fun and for anyone that did watch I thank you tons, and I apologiese if you were around for any of the issues That were occuring at the start of the stream.
  9. Just gonna bump it once or twice to let everyone know whats going on in the stream if they are interested, starting the intermission right now if you have any interest in listening to some dubstep electronic music I am playing some for an hour and once 12 Hits the stream will come up!!
  10. So to all and anyone I thought I would let you know I Have and plan to stream Fallout 4, Not only to I plan to stream it tonight at 12 midnight (CENTRAL TIME ZONE) I also plan to do a 24 hour stream of it all day tomorrow!!   I will start the stream up at about 11 to talk and sort of let you all know what we are in for, and to just let everyone know the stream is up, so in about an hour look for that stream you know the which link it is ;P, but just in case you forgot, it's https://beam.pro/MechaDraco, be sure to stop by, and remember to type in the chat you will need to sign up for an account on beam, support not only my stream but Beam itself, it's a great site and I plan to do all my streaming there, I hope you will have as much fun watching me as I will bringing it to you all day tomorrow!!
  11. MechaDraco

    Hello all

    Greetings and welcome to Tails, we hope to see you more and that you enjoy your stay!!
  12. Vore is the biggest fetish I have that would fall under the catagory of "weird" but I will do, and like just about everything, and I mean litterally.... EVERYTHING... (cept diapers, I dont need that in my life)
  13. For anyone who wants to watch we ar currently LIVE ON THE STREAM!!! Beam.pro/MechaDraco playing some League of legends!!
  14. I'm a part of the fandom, but I dont like the people in it and they dont like me so....
  15. Yes, there is such a thing as too much affection, some people down right despise affection, to where if you even touch them at all, permission or no, they wont enjoy it and likely even hate you for it, even if they dont come out and say it right away. Unfortunately it's not exactly easy to tell, often times even they are not even aware of it, I personally try my best to let people know when I am just not in the mood for a touch, or when I am simply not ok with affection right now, but I myself expect that from others to much and have not only frightened away potential mates, but also friends smply because I was to Affectionate, clingy would be the word most would use for it, but its meaning is the same. Mind you I have also visa versa lost people due to lack of affection so the simple fact is it goes both ways. In the end you can only hope they tell you when they are no longer comfortable, and hopefully if they dont, they simply can tolerate it because it's coming from you, the person they love.
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