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  1. I have officially decided that I'm leaving TailsRefuge permanently, I don't need the bullshit and the drama, those of you on here that are my true friends will know where to find me if you need me or want to chat. My FA and Deviant art are ion-Static13. Want to say goodbye to those that have been kind and understanding and really know what the meaning of Tailsrefuge is about. Apparently no one can be able to express themselves freely without being ripped down. So goodbye.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bysector


      hey riley, do you like sergals

    3. Kiero


      Huh. Well, see ya' around, Zim. 


    4. MichaelSaunders
  2. I'm considering whether to stay here, a while ago I took a few month hiatus and now I think it's time for that again. >:c

    1. MichaelSaunders


      Okay, see you later, perhaps.

  3. Please call me Zimgur, Zim, or Wolfgren. I will not answer to anything else, so if I ignore you I am not being rude I just don't go by anything other then these names. -.-

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    2. CoffeeMom


      I am certain that the last time I changed your name, I told you that it would be your last till we figure something else out for name changes and to make sure it was what you wanted since it is both your login and likely what people will call you. You've had your name changed by a different mod since then. You were made perfectly aware that we could and would choose not to do it again.

    3. CoyoteCorpseZombie


      Hence why I had my original statement.

    4. Chinona


      And apparently hence why you are going to probably have to ignore EVERYONE addressing you since you changed your name and have pissed off the mods clearly with the frequency of name changes since they will all likely call you by your current name because your status will go away shortly I"m sure buried by tens and possibly hundreds of other status'

  4. I can't believe this is still going lol
  5. Scratch my last status update, my mood is changing again, and am using an otter. :3

  6. Will be using a new wolfsona for a while to start fresh for a bit, I'm not abandoning my other characters, just my mood is saying it's time for a temporary change. :3 Will be going from Ion/Igor to Zimgur Wolfsky.

  7. i could use some brains...I'm kinda hungry!!!! 03o

    1. Hybrid


      *give zombie a bucket of brains, ''that'll hold you''
  8. hi

    1. -Mayvis-


      haaaaaeeeey.... *waves hand* You so sexay! Oh.... Gorgeous! *wiggles*
    2. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      hello mr finn otter *smiles* ^,....,^
  9. Adding Fluxx Otter to my name on here so I can switch between them depending on my mood lol.

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