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BellaMoon last won the day on December 17 2013

BellaMoon had the most liked content!

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  1. Welcome back. I also left for a while but like to drop in every now and then. I remember you from back in the day Mecha ^.^
  2. I miss this place :/ And omg the chat! RIP

    1. Austin Mistplume

      Austin Mistplume

      we're on Discord now for the most part

    2. BellaMoon


      I saw that. I don't have one yet but maybe soon

  3. I'm liking this new mobile version. Maybe I'll hang around for awhile. :3

  4. Not very active because of finals week. :/

  5. Well, today went better than expected. :)

  6. *sighs* I don't wanna do homework >.<

  7. What a way to start the morning...yep, gonna be the worst day ever...

    1. Vivus


      what happened?
    2. BellaMoon


      My mate told me to pack my things and leave this morning...
  8. Had to work on Thanksgiving but it wasn't so bad...I'm terrified about tomorrow though...

  9. Spending today with the fam. Since my work is making me close on both thanksgiving AND black friday -.-

  10. Ugh...Why is scientific writing so hard but creative writing is so easy?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BellaMoon


      That is entirely too accurate haha XD
    3. invisablewolfe90


      It should be the other way around truthfully. Scientific writing is matter of fact, where creative writing, particularly fiction, has to make more sence than real l
    4. invisablewolfe90


      Life, since it would be too fantastic to believe otherwise. (Sorry for the double post, my phone derped)
  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! :3

  12. One day I'll hear your name and my heart won't skip a beat...one day...

    1. BellaMoon


      You're welcome O.o XP

  13. "Forget love I'd rather fall in chocolate."

  14. One day, I will learn how to make gif sets...o.o

    1. Queen Cereal

      Queen Cereal

      Just keep at it~ <^.^7

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