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  1. Miss me?

    1. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      In General? Yes!

    2. silveracecard


      Yeah, now hold on while I reload. >:T

    3. Samurai Kai
  2. Any flight OH mighty boy the fall scanning blue

    1. Phausic


      You are a helicopter, not a plane >:c

  3. Dropped my mate off at the Airport today... Miss him, but shouldn't be long til he visits again in the New Year <3

  4. *collapses to the ground, panting*
  5. *runs around in circles trying to catch Krys who is attatched to her tail*
  6. TFAM can relax, Cutie Pie isn't a pony xD (to my knowledge)
  7. TFAM is a lil'sweetie-pie >//w//< ! (I cannot get over this fact)   (Ahh, I don't see it as an insult. I just find it amusing!)
  8. TFAM is a cute kitty.   (It's the glasses, isn't it? :P)
  9. TFAM   wow   so perceptive   much correct
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