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Markus Teru'Kai

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About Markus Teru'Kai

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    The Host/The Changling
  • Birthday 06/14/1996

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    Cat - Korat/ Teru'Kai
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    Demi-Ro Homosex
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    Single, Will yiff for food
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    Edmonton Alberta

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  1. Bored... Does someone wanna talk over skype or something?

  2. "Hello there." The tall grey cat approaches, my eyes glowing a faint green.
  3. Markus Smiles, Lounging in his office chair. "It's a pleasure to meet you."
  4. Granted but they are covered in sharp quills and they like to play little spoon.   I wish I had a job.
  5. Granted but You're stuck working early morings for the rest of your life.   I wish I didn't have social anxitiy.
  6. Hello Apathy, My old Friend...

  7. Apparently, storm in a feral again...

  8. And On the fifth day, One of his Creations woke him up early, and god smote this creation, then he made coffee, And forgave the creation. Gen: 27b

    1. Spooky


      I remember that story being a little different.

    2. Anomalous Fox

      Anomalous Fox

      That was the fifth day? I always get those out of order.

  9. And now, we present, Panic attacks.

  10. So for the next weekish Storm is Gonna be a feral.

    1. Soren
    2. Noelle Luna Nite-LaFey

      Noelle Luna Nite-LaFey

      For the next week, Storm is gonna be a clock. Also traveling. But mostly a clock.

  11. you know what? fuck trying to be happy... the only real thing I've learned from this is that karma if a fucking bitch.

  12. I've fallen in love, and you are perfect. I don't know how in could live withoutmy perfect haired scientist.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Josh Grizzy

      Josh Grizzy

      Christopher Lloyd in BTTF? XD

    3. Markus Teru'Kai

      Markus Teru'Kai

      Nah, my sexy scientist is a robot.

    4. Zeal Promise

      Zeal Promise

      Fantastic! I'm so happy for you!

  13. sweetheart you look gorgeous and i absolutely love the hair.
  14. sweetheart you look gorgeous and i absolutely love the hair.
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