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  • Birthday 06/10/1993

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  1. I hope you are well, my friend!

  2. You have the most awesome profile I have found here to-date. ^^

    1. Nait


      Wow, thank you! ^^
      I like your profile picture a lot, it's pretty cool.
      So, you are a computer nerd too? =)
    2. Tombax


      I absolutely love computers!
      I'm assuming you do too? :-)
      Nice to meet you!
    3. Nait


      Nice to meet you too =)
      You can talk with me 5 min and bet anything you want about it. So... probably yes.
      But I'm more of a programmer rather than someone into hardware. Anyway I like digital design =)
  3. I say, 1:31 AM sleppeng time... Brain says, Programming Time !

  4. Draws on TFAM neck and shares some ice cream with him :P Natural Yogurt flavor :D
  5. One of the secrets i know and do not believe myself is that TFAM is an inter-dimensional cat who is able to control everything that exist. But as i don't exist you don't control me C: Checkmate Roleplay addict.
  6. All TFsAM are figments of my imagination but i do not exist because i'm imagined by a77wolves so we are just a void collision of this universe thinking we are alive.  (TFAM is super colorful !!!! :D Love your image :3)
  7. TFAM told me his secrets in other life. But i don't believe in other lives so i don't believe in his secrets. I don't believe you exist. 
  8. WW91IGRvbid0IGtub3cgaG93IG11Y2ggaSBoYXRlIG1lIHRvZGF5LiBBbmQgaXMgYWxsIG15IGZhdWx0Li4=

    1. Quint


      You make an interesting point...

    2. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      I don't know...I differ on the point of SBoYXRlIG1l

    3. Nait


      Hahahaha at least you both made me laugh a lot ^^

      Thanks :)

  9. Sometimes i hate colors... hours and hours of work and i still like more the lined that the supposed "finished" one. I wonder if it's 'cos lions are color blind O__O That would answer a lot of questions...

  10. "You don't know how much i wish i could hug you for real :3"

  11. Raise and hug TFAM (I cannot believe how huggable Alan is ^u^) 
  12. **Walking there** HEY ! FREE HUGS !!!  *HUGS TFAM xD*   ^^
  13. How does TFAM got to -667 if he's always in good mood?  (Yeeeiiii many of TFsAM thinks i'm awesome !!!! </such a geek>)
  14. I should tell TFAM i love the song he has in his profile. Now is in my youtube list. Muajajajajajaja
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