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  1. NeosDragoon

    Xbox One peeps!

    GREAT NEWS TODAY!!! I've got the Xbox One X (And it performs very well) -- My Gamertag is still: XE Bahamut GS X ❤️ (I also picked up Monster Hunter: World)
  2. NeosDragoon

    Xbox One peeps!

    YEEE, my favorite has to be AC 3. I still got my 360 cooped up somewhere. 😄 And it might be your ISP.
  3. NeosDragoon

    Xbox One peeps!

    CoD Series - Assassin's Creed Series with Multiplayer, a lot, to be exact~
  4. NeosDragoon

    Xbox One peeps!

    I'm back again heh, but anyway. My Gamertag: XE Bahamut GS X
  5. Remix'd some STYLES on the MicroARRANGER.