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  2. Sona Art [NSFW]

  3. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Done gone and got all my hair sheared off
  4. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Off to work I go
  5. Happy Birthday Xionist. Hope it is a good one!

  6. *inspects your profile for traces of Naominess. Finds none. Is displeased by this* >:c

    1. Xionist


      Well stick around more :V I'm sure you'll rub off some Naominess eventually, haha.
  7. *boops at...cuz I haven't in a while* >:c <3

    1. Xionist


      YOU DARE BOOP THE GREAT DEMON KNOWN AS-- *coughhackscoughs* Ack that was horrible on my throat D:
  8. *ahem* As to derail the derailing I shall continue the actual topic of the thread. Would I date the fur above? I don't think I will. Pass.
  9. *clinks on your profile, blushes instantly* well then... O///o

    1. Xionist


      Well hey there :P
    2. Naomi


      O hai ~ *keeps my eyes covered* /) w (\
  10. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Here have a photo! *quickly walks off*
  11. IRL Photos n' Shit

    I've went and sheared off most of my hair! Here, have a photo.
  12. IRL Photos n' Shit

    Well alrighty then. JUST SAYIN~ [Passive aggressiveness intensifies]
  13. IRL Photos n' Shit

    And you can crosscheck it with google image search. JUST SAYIN~
  14. IRL Photos n' Shit

    *grabby paws* I just want to cuddle you x3
  15. IRL Photos n' Shit

    I agree :3 Very pretty