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Stoneheart last won the day on October 17 2019

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  1. Waffles Are best breakfast.
  2. I see you checking up on me again... xD

  3. Don’t forget to check the discord server. Most of the action has migrated to there.
  4. New helmet for 2020. At least, till it gets warm out. The. I’ll pick up another short lid. my previous helmet was getting a little too old to be a safe piece of protective equipment. So, made something custom and different.
  5. Just dropping a small status update. I’m about half way through collecting components for a major step intended for this summer. stay tuned for further information.
  6. I was up there too for a long while, but irl how far up the list I got.
  7. Loving the new skin. 

    surprised to see the return of password locked threads. 

    a very missed feature. 

    1. CoffeeMom


      We knew you all missed them ❤️

    2. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Let's put those passwords to use >;D

  8. Blankets. Flying or driving?
  9. Pretty sure a few have passed him by now....
  10. There’s a name we haven’t seen in ages.
  11. spent last weekend pulling my seats, wire wheeling the rust off the inside of my floor, and finally sealing it correctly. laid down some heavy felt from work as a temporary carpet and sound damper, and put my seats back.
  12. D6AB7FCC-2334-4B81-B9B2-10989376AEA0.MOV 0A434EC7-77B5-4FEE-AF30-F2D312DCFB19.MOV
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