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  1. Enjoying a car show at Sonic tonight! 

  2. MARBLED STRYFE Hydrodipped, rewired, and cleared. This stryfe was an interesting project, my first dip in years. The paint is supposed to have the texture and slight unevenness, so i did not add anything to the water to thin the paint for dipping. Semigloss clear brings out the colours. There is also a bit of a fun, some of the green bits glow in the dark! Although, the image is so dark, its hard to see it....
  3. Provided i can keep commissions rolling in, i should be able to put the old girl on the road by the end of august.... But, thats the optimistic side....
  4. Today, is another day, to be a day... XD

  5. You might want to post an intro as well. They do help people fina/understand you.

    1. Cydonix


      Thanks. :3


  6. CYCLONESHOCK / STRYFE MASTERKEY INTEGRATION This one took a lot longer than i wanted, but it finally came together. The stryfe is rewired completely, (by a previous modder, and i'll give him props for excellent work btw.) the cycloneshock, i removed the air restrictors, and smoothed out the internals. It fires stronger, and opperates smoother. after a two colour custom paint, in Ironman-hotrod red, and white, it's all finished in high gloss clear.
  7. Likely tomorrow, i'll be uploading pics of another commission i'm finishing and shipping.
  8. Happy birthday man.

    1. Wolfy Prince of Pumpkins
    2. Naomi


      (•̀A•́ ))))))))))))))))   BIRTHDAY SCUTTLE!!!!

    3. Stoneheart


      Thank you all so much! ^.^ I appreciate it!

  9. Indeed you did.
  10. Wow, people re-found this thread.
  11. Nice!
  12. Working on a Cycloneshock-Stryfe integration....

  13. Been so dang busy lately, feels like i haven't been online in ages....

  14. HAMMERSHOT PAIR These, were fun but tedious. Aftermarket springs with 4x the stock power, hand milled, blued, and cleared steel components. Hair triggers for faster reaction times, and custom hand detailed paint. Completed with linen wrapped grips.