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  1. LoL, I’m on the Rep board with 1 rep. XD 


    this is made my evening a bit better. 

  2. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll have another update for you guys.
  3. I find it sad, though a bit comical, how empty the site feels now tat we have the Discord channel. 

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    2. Etain


      Takes duct tape, discord and the website and begins smashing them against each other while putting tape all over them. Stepping back, she watches it all fall apart and then walks off only to reappear with a hammer and begins beating the two together.


      Am I doing it right!?

    3. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      If that don't work, get a bigger hammer.


      For real though, I've found something which allows embedding a "bridged" Discord in an iframe without breaking Discord ToS using a bot. It's called Titan, and looks pretty sick.

    4. Etain


      Send me a link to this "titan" and I'll look into it. 😉

  4. Stoneheart

    It's been a while!

    Welcome back. It’s nice to see some old names showing up again.
  5. Stoneheart

    How to make a character?

    Keep me posted on your progress, I love to bounce ideas back and forth. Maybe drop me a message via the discord channel...
  6. Stoneheart

    How to make a character?

    Also, it’s good to see you back again.
  7. Stoneheart

    How to make a character?

    I generally start with a simple ideal. One defining detail about them that defines the character, and build off that. It keeps them simple enough to work with, but can be built to a depth unlimited. For example, I have an old badger in my cast of characters that is kinda the widened and grizzled grandpa of the club I write most of my stories about. He’s been around and seen a lot. But, unless someone is in super dire life or death danger, he’s at the clubhouse with a pint in his hand. Capt. Patch, the group grandpa that can and will fuck your shit entirely if he has to get up. But he’ll also be more than happy to sit and listen for hours while someone vents about anything.
  8. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Just an update, this was just before I put the crash bars back on. Pics of that coming soon. Since it’s already dark.
  9. Stoneheart

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Current status of the Harley! Still need to rebuild the exhaust, and put the crash bars back on. But it’s close.
  10. I keep catching myself humming hymns I have not sung in years.... ._.

    1. braenuun


      *sing it ouuuut*

  11. So many new people again...


    1. Etain


      Ur face is new

  12. Stoneheart

    Nerf Crusader Customs

    LONGSTRIKE SNIPER RIFLE This was a very interesting build. Zero power or performance upgrades, all cosmetics. For a commissioner using it in a LARP. Styled after a bolt action Remington, with post apocalypse themes. The body work is in fiberglass and Bondo. Tedious to work with, but very strong. Hand painted and one of a kind.
  13. Stoneheart

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    It's been eight years now, since I started riding. And I am never going to give it up.
  14. Stoneheart

    Nerf Crusader Customs

    Another commission is nearing completion. Keep your eyes open for updates!
  15. Stoneheart

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Drove her to church today but that'll be all till I can get insurance on her again. DX