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  1. Stoneheart


    See the tool bar at the top? Click the drop down box, browse, staff.
  2. Stoneheart


    Message a moderator, it’ll get done.
  3. Stoneheart


    Well, if you’re interested in a name change, since I’m guessing by your post you’re not keeping the old copy sona you were using, I’m sure a mod would be happy to help with that.
  4. Stoneheart


    I’m sure a few people still remember you.
  5. Stoneheart


    Welcome to the Refuge! Be sure to check out the Discord channel, if you can. The bulk of the bustling happens there. It’s pretty lively.
  6. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    14,000 miles, on the way to work today. XD
  7. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    The only reason I’m not tearing it apart for that very reason, is mostly that I’ve already done 10k miles, with no issues, on top of how perfect it feels now.
  8. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Sorted all that in time to leave for work, and had another (hopefully final) development. This one came in two parts. 1) valve adjustment was still not quite right, so the engine was not quite running right at full temperature. I had not gotten it all the way hot yet. 2) left for work and went right back home believing the valves to be severely out of whack, only to find them needing very very minor adjustment. BUT my trans has almost completely uncoupled from the engine!!!!! tightening that down proper, and now she cruises smooth as glass. I’m starting to wonder how long those bolts have been walking out.... and seriously doubting the “all original” status bragged so solidly to me when I first looked at it.
  9. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    But the fun didn’t stop there. When i I went to test the valve adjustment, both, YES BOTH, motor mounts decided to split. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. This, resulted in tossing my engine like a toy against the right wall of the engine bay.... terrifying. No further damage was encurred, but it was certainly a heart attack I could have done without. Fairly easy replacement though. Set the jack under the oil pan, and lift the engine off the old mounts, take em off, and bolt on new ones. $16 later, perfecto.
  10. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Aaaaaaalright. So. Lifters are a no go for now. The refrence material I was using was mistaken. For the old inline 200 cubic inch fords, you have to pull the head to swap the lifters. On some of the larger displacement models, the pushrod ports are bored large enough to do this without pulling the head off the block.... so, not happening till later in the summer. However. I was able to get two more of the three remaining valve stem seals replaced. On the #1 cylinder. #6 exhaust valve still needs it, but the clips won’t release. After an hour of fighting it, I moved on. It’s not a huge problem. Just mild oil consumption.
  11. Stoneheart

    Gutan Tag Freund

    Welcome, welcome. Dont forget to check out the Discord channel if you are able. Most of the daily activity is there.
  12. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    Just ordered new lifters for her today. So, That will be an upcoming post in the future.
  13. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    just ordered a new clutch pack today. Updates to follow.
  14. 15,000 page views.... huh.. 

  15. Stoneheart

    Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    It’s always come through impeccably clean. It burns badly cuz I still need to replace two valve stem seals, but that’ll be when we get warmer weather.