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  1. Not right now, but i have before. Most arenas get snippy if they catch you with that though... At least in my experience.
  2. I've been a small number of times. Got a Tipman98 with an extended barrel and a scope that i do like quite a lot.
  3. Hoping to be ordering motorcycle parts by the end of the week. Also, i win. XD
  4. Just got the new fuel tank installed, and tested the fuel pump. Still runs strong! my issue, was low oil... if the oil leaks down to below 1/2 ish, it no longer has enough to drive the fuel pump, and shuts off the engine... reasonable, keeps you from running it dry and destroying the engine... but, all is well! I got her running again, and I couldn't be happier! next step is bolstering the floor struts for extra rigidity, and then its off to paperwork and driving!!!!


    I'll scuttle you for a change... to give you a present. of, a box... of Oxygen.... most practical....

    1. Naomi


      (((( =|=)        (•́ω•̀ )

            (((( =|=)  (•̀ω•́ )

      ( OAo)(•̀A•́ ))))))))))))))))))))))) ~ NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  6. Yes. Very much yes. I hate liars to begin with, and that shit i especially will not tollerate.
  7. Recovering quickly, fully mobile again. No limp. Just still not quite done being sore. So, still a bit slow getting around.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stoneheart


      Should be back to normal by the end of the week. XD

    3. Glacero


       hugs daddy   " glad you are ok "

    4. Stoneheart


      *hugs back* thanks buddy, me too!

  8. People that cut off motorcyclists, destroying they're life's work on two wheels.
  9. Finished two more blasters, hopefully posting them tonight, if all goes well.





  10. such a long day.... time for bed...

    1. Red


      Or is it!?

    2. Stoneheart


      It was definitely time, but i was up for another hour anyways...

  11. Happy Birthday Darling! <3

    1. Razi


      Happy Birthday Tainers!

  12. Today is moving SOOOO SLOOOOWWWW.  

  13. Got the first colour coats down on my latest custom build this morning before work... Tonight will be lots of masking for secondary colour, and cleaning up any rough edges on the steel parts i made for it.

    1. Etain


      You might wanna check the primer.  I left little paw prints all over everything! D:<

    2. Stoneheart


      D8 why do you ALWAYS Do that!? Every time! DX

  14. The Camulod Chronicles, by Jack Whyte. The first title is The Skystone.
  15. In another week or so, i'll be posting two more blasters, commissioned together, in matching paint.