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  1. Kinda want to be more active here. But been way too busy offline this year. 

  2. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Replaced the front tire and wheel bearings yesterday. Was a bit more of a fight than I was anticipating.... more than it has in the past. But, got it all sorted.
  3. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Does anyone still follow this thread? Or am I posting into a void again?
  4. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Put a new intake breather together last weekend!!! Still some bugs to work out. It’s not totally finished yet, but functional. And exponentially better performance than the old one. At a whopping $15 investment vs the $250 for the old one... need to take some space out of the engine side, it just out juiuuust a touch too far for total comfort. And add rain guard mounting points.
  5. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Eliminated some wiring gremlins in my turn signals up front. The new signals came with those little crimp connectors on the ends of the wire leads, and these broke the wires on the light side..... the side the manufacturer installed.... all four connectors did this. Killing my lights in random turn for the last couple weeks... rewired, and solid soldering solved this issue. Oi. Very annoying though.
  6. Initiate: saving coin for the only two annual events I attend for fun. 

  7. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Re-enforced my sissybar, last weekend as well. Ever since the accident, it’s been cracked. And last Saturday, it finally snapped on the left side. So, I took it off and welded some bolsters to the base. It’s strong as all hell now.
  8. Another older name returning! Good to have you back!!!
  9. Stoneheart

    whats the game you have played longest?

    Fable, lost chapters. Over 4000 hours.
  10. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    Had an emergency repair last night, after a footpeg failure on my way to work yesterday morning.
  11. Stoneheart


    Welcome to the Refuge! Be sure not to miss the Discord channel as well, the majority of the shenanigans are there. Enjoy your stay!

  13. Stoneheart

    Rebuilding my firstborn son

    First steps to a new intake for that big filter.
  14. Stoneheart

    Last person to post wins.

    Fair.... xD