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  1. Win a $500 Steam Wallet and free bundles with @PCGamer and @BundleStars. Enter here: http://t.co/Py2foaVcFz

  2. New journal: FA is a poo.. [CLEAN] http://t.co/WlZcnyFO9I

  3. RT @pathhyena: I saw a normal people twitter feed once. It had the saddest icons, and nobody wagged. Fucking terrifying. Never again.

  4. God my flatmates are idiots.. tell me there's an inspection tomorrow and then they rip up the law and add chickens.. If we're evicted.. D:<

  5. Following the FA drama shiz I am going to attempt to keep my profiles up an updated elsewhere in the unlikely case of a site split

  6. blegh @kyhwana fix my hayfever x.x antihistamines take too long

  7. Was gonna do some writing - then I sat down, looked at the screen and was all "WTF this requires effort" #writersblock #lazy

  8. Bladepup

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    I think that's enough :b
  9. Why is it that my family is such a bunch of drama llamas :c

  10. O: why are you so mean to @Sharn_Crossling demanding such a cute a loveable thing to make you a sammich - means @cybehusky