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  1. Just a head's up to everyone, I will be a bit inactive for a little while, as the majority of my free time will be spent on a new game that just came out that I am absolutely loving, right now.

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    2. Zefir Feruga

      Zefir Feruga

      what game, may i ask?

    3. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  

      Its an historical, real world setting RPG, set in 1403, Bohemia.

    4. IT.


      Thought about that game...It's glitch isn't it?

  2. Shy, New Girl

    Welcome! I think you and my mate would get on! She freakin' loves Star Wars, and I'm not far behind. I admit, I prefer real swords to lightsabers, but that's just a personal preference, as well as a hobby. XD Anywho, just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth! Hope you make many good friends and have lots of fun here in the Refuge!
  3. Nerdy stuff

    I like Patrick Rothfuss books, Fantasy/Medieval settings, RPGs, Netflix series, and I practice Medieval European Martial Arts, which includes all sorts of swordfighting. ;)
  4. Back from the dead, basically...

    I don't know the answers to any of those things, Kai, as I've only been back from a six month hiatus for a couple weeks, now, myself. *SHrugs!*
  5. Who am I?

    *Sniffs the newcomer, then smiles slightly.* Hello, Kai, how've you been?
  6. Who am I?

    Not bad, probably about to go to bed, soon, and watching some Netflix with Skittise, right now. ;)
  7. *Sneaks in and plants a tentacle bomb under your desk.*

  8. Who am I?

    I doubt chat will ever change. XD And greetings, to you, Bysector! How's things on your end?
  9. To bed, for now.  To work, tonight, then I shall return.  *Bows away into the shadows.*

  10. Who am I?

    *Salutes the otter with his sword!* And hello, friend Brae! Sorry for my long absence, life got a bit too hectic and real, there for a bit. I'm not going to promise I'll be online all the time, even now, but I will make the attempt to show my face as often as possible. Maybe even start an RP or two. ;) How's things been, while I was away?
  11. Who am I?

    Who am I? A poignant question, and one that requires asking, upon occasion, lest we forget the answer. The clouded leopard leans against a tree, his simple linen tunic and kilt, both in dark, plain colours, patched and a bit stained. A pack lay nearby while a feral stallion chews at the grass. The feline runs a whetstone slowly down the edge of a bastard sword. He glances up at you, his visitor, with bright green eyes, smiles softly and nods. I remember the answer, though it nearly illuded me. I am Fyren, the sin that returns to haunt. I am Fyre, the flame that burns the wrongs from the world. Am I a leopard? In form, yes. Am I wolf? In mind, indeed. Am I otter? In heart, always. In my soul? I am all, and so much more. I am Skrytablett, Freaky Spots, the outcast and the misfit. I am Lokieidr, Oathfire, and my word is my bond. I am Vindex ultor, the judge, jury and executioner of those who would harm the innocent. Above all of these, though, I am me. So don't be afraid. If you've done no wrong, you have nothing to fear. I might even prove a friend.

  13. My mate is pretty much entirely better, now, so I will return to posting, shortly.  I may eve ntry to get in some responses now, however I have to leave in an hour and half or so to go down to the DMV to get my ID.

    1. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      Glad to hear she's better! Good luck at the DMV!

  14. I am sorry to those I am RPing with, but my mate has been down with a stomach bug so I have been spending most of my time with her.  I'll be back in a few days.

    1. Tadhg


      You do what you gotta, man. I wish her well n_n

    2. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      Hope she gets well soon!

    3. Bysector


      Hope skittsie gets well soon 

  15. I will be trying to respond to RPs over the next day or two, but I just now got a new TV after breaking my old one (Accidentally!), so I'll be on PS4 a lot, as well.  >.<

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    2. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      What your username?

    3. Zen-The-Kittyfox
    4. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      Gotcha.  I need to point out, I'll likely not be available to play often.  I tend to play with my mate, and we like to stay private, just us two.