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  1. CoffeeMom

    Hi im new

    Follow this link and the discord link should be there: https://www.tailsrefuge.com/topic/16764-community-chat/
  2. CoffeeMom

    Hi im new

    Hello and welcome to the Refuge! You should see a green bar at the top that reads, "Looking for the chat room?" with an underlined "read more" next to it. Click that and you'll find a link to the discord there. If you have any other issues, please feel free to message me here and I'll do my best to help!
  3. CoffeeMom

    Whats the weirdest question A non-furry asked you about furries?

    "So you like to make animal noises in bed?" 😐
  4. Finished a piece of pokemon art.  Someone told me to make it a shirt, but idk yet.Laprair.jpg

    1. Red



  5. Another Skull done, now moving on to number four... and they just keep getting more complicated.

    Snow Leopard



    1. Stout


      OOOOOO, I love these.

    2. CoffeeMom


      I plan on making moooooooore... Did you have an animal pick you'd like to add to my pile?

  6. CoffeeMom

    Hello, an doge

    Hello and welcome to the Refuge. I hope you enjoy your stay~
  7. CoffeeMom


    stop, drop and roll.
  8. Got me a shiny magikarp in Pokemon Go today!  Only been farming it for years.  I'm so happy! T_T

  9. CoffeeMom


    Hello! Welcome! And yes, please come join the fun in our discord chat!
  10. CoffeeMom

    Last person to post wins.

    Though my time may be short, I will take this winner's throne, thank you. Light bunny rules this thread for now.
  11. CoffeeMom

    Last person to post wins.

    A very long while.
  12. CoffeeMom

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Most of us lurk in discord~
  13. CoffeeMom

    Pieces of us

    You should get another ribbon
  14. Streaming some WoW raiding tonight!  https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

    Mic: On


  15. But with you I can't resist...


    1. Stoneheart


      Yeah, I’m that dangerous boy you were warned about. With my leather jacket, and motorcycle. Sweet talking you away, just to break your heart and disappear. Totally not the kind to e a good companion or a dad. XD I’m waaay too dangerous for such sensibilities. 


      I Love you so much, darling!

  16. Going to be streaming my guild's raid tonight!  Feel free to stop by! https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

  17. I start Battle for Dazar'alor in just under an hour! Join me as I fight for the Horde! Lok'tar ogar!


    Mic: On
    Music: ...probably not. (but maybe yes)

  18. CoffeeMom


    Yea! One of us. One of us.
  19. CoffeeMom

    Last person to post wins.

    Are you two playing a rhyming game?
  20. Me: "What the fuck is up with my anxiety today?"
    Also Me: Makes another latte with four shots of espresso in it. 

  21. CoffeeMom

    Last person to post wins.

    Yes you
  22. CoffeeMom

    Pieces of us

    I wear clothing... every day... >_>
  23. CoffeeMom

    Pieces of us

    You also have your scapular, hope I spelled that right. I used to wear jewelry on almost a daily basis, but when I had kids I had to stop because all that is easily broken or torn out, (piercings).
  24. Hey!  We did an update!  The colors are very bright, but we're working to fix that!