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Status Updates posted by CoffeeMom

  1. Close to that American Thanksgiving! Be safe everyone!  Especially if you intend to go out on Black Friday. (Gross)

  2. Password protected RP's are back! You can now make character pages! Let us know if anything seems wonky and last thing, please try to link your account to your discord account. 

    Have a safe spooky season! Stay warm! ❤️ 

    1. TieDyeDragon


      Wooo it is good to be back!

      Not gonna lie I couldn't stand the light version an i retreated to discord

      These updates excite me though and I get a warm cozy feeling finally logging back in

    2. CoffeeMom


      Yeeeees.... the blinding white was atrocious.  This is much nicer.  I hope you enjoy the updates and if you see anything you think needs fixing, please let us know~

    3. TieDyeDragon


      No problem will do, it was really just like the light version of discord

  3. Getting close to that Blessed night of the year :3

  4. It is definitely a coffee day!  Happy Labor Day everyone!  Be safe out there!

  5. Finished a piece of pokemon art.  Someone told me to make it a shirt, but idk yet.Laprair.jpg

  6. Another Skull done, now moving on to number four... and they just keep getting more complicated.

    Snow Leopard



    1. Stout


      OOOOOO, I love these.

    2. CoffeeMom


      I plan on making moooooooore... Did you have an animal pick you'd like to add to my pile?

  7. Got me a shiny magikarp in Pokemon Go today!  Only been farming it for years.  I'm so happy! T_T

  8. Streaming some WoW raiding tonight!  https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

    Mic: On


  9. But with you I can't resist...


    1. Stoneheart


      Yeah, I’m that dangerous boy you were warned about. With my leather jacket, and motorcycle. Sweet talking you away, just to break your heart and disappear. Totally not the kind to e a good companion or a dad. XD I’m waaay too dangerous for such sensibilities. 


      I Love you so much, darling!

  10. Going to be streaming my guild's raid tonight!  Feel free to stop by! https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

  11. I start Battle for Dazar'alor in just under an hour! Join me as I fight for the Horde! Lok'tar ogar!


    Mic: On
    Music: ...probably not. (but maybe yes)

  12. Me: "What the fuck is up with my anxiety today?"
    Also Me: Makes another latte with four shots of espresso in it. 

  13. Hey!  We did an update!  The colors are very bright, but we're working to fix that!  

  14. Has it really been 5 years now since I joined?  How time flies...

    1. Stoneheart


      Yup!! It’s crazy how it’s been so long already. XD 

  15. Happy New Year's eve, everyone!  Please remember to be safe tonight as you drink yourselves silly! 

  16. Went to make my canned savory apples for winter and my rosemary has mold on it.  Whelp... guess I'll have to wait. :|

  17. Going to be streaming a World of Warcraft raid tonight! Please feel free to join me! https://www.twitch.tv/etainers

  18. It's time for canning all the yummy things for winter!!! D:<

  19. My art stuff arrived today and so did my coffee and a few things I got for self care... *vibrates with excitement*

    1. TieDyeDragon


      *Hugs because i still exist here* owo


  20. Thank you everyone that sent me birthday messages!  Y'all were super wonderful and I feel very loved! ~<3

    1. braenuun



    2. CoffeeMom


      It's ok!  I appreciate all well wishes any time of the year! BRAE OOTR IS GOOD OOTR!!!

  21. New coffee. So good! *tries to crawl into her coffee cup*

  22. Where you been, woman!  You've been missed!

  23. With our powers COMBINED!!!

  24. I like strawberries...

    1. Aundonia
    2. braenuun


      *petitions you for coffee*  PLEASE IM FALLING ASLEEP OVER HERE

    3. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      I Just bought strawberry scented shampoo and peach bodywash, they are great

  25. Headaches for daaaaaaaaaaays

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