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  1. so I may be getting a great Pyrenees puppy

  2. RT @2_gryphon: @BoozyBadger And behold, the transformation is complete! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

  3. @GordonRamsay Please be gentle. I know i'm a terrible cook.

  4. It's so hot and humid that the sweat from my tits could quench the thirst of a south African village.

  5. @Alkali_Bismuth but it looks like a thing you should punish me for thinging things that I shouldn't thing

  6. RT @TwinTailToys: @legion_bunny If enough people are interested in unreasonable sized toys, I don't see an issue with being a little unreas…

  7. @ClipConverter "does not support videos containing music" well, time to find a new go-to site

  8. RT @Starcourser: Another random drawing giveaway! Another adult sketch is up for grabs - Must retweet + follow to enter!…

  9. RT @thehill: Ellison to Dems: “Don't gloat; get ready for round 2. Organize!”

  10. @KaiserNeko WEN BROL- oh wait...that already happened ummm...I got nothing

  11. @tarpawfurmeet i'm also up for heavy lifting if that helps as well.

  12. @tarpawfurmeet What say you to volunteers? The site has no listed policy.

  13. @kiraNSA_ I think twitch did actually ban me It says "reconnecting to chat" but the words are still rolling by tried refreshing

  14. @Zaush and then a stallion masturbates into the cup...

  15. if @realDonaldTrump is only correct using alternative facts, Does that make him literally Alt-Right?