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Chance last won the day on June 11 2014

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  1. Finally remembered my password after a 2-3 years lol

  2. Do you remember how to kill a Troll and Ogre? I know several ways if i remembered correctly.
  3. Warrior Type or a Mage/Spell Caster usually if the option allows. I generally beat both Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 solo on the hardest levels Because i had no challenge.
  4. Baldurs Gate as in "Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance?" That's the only game i remember playing back on the old Xbox.
  5. You the same Sparky i know from another site?
  6. *sneezes and falls backwards*
  7. I don't pay attention to who leaves a lot of the time.
  8. I don't even wanna know if that's possible. Been sooo darn long since i even posted too haha
  9. Interesting. Very Interesting argument.
  10. That is true Silver. Even if the fur in question was never trying to be the last poster on here lol
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