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sam skydragon

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  1. *sighs* just dont care anymore..... *curls up*

  2. wow i like the new look on here 


    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I think you're an adorable look! XD

    2. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Why thank you *blushes a bit*

  3. Wow today's much better than yesterday it was hot and muggy here 

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    2. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Hot and muggy or cooler kai?

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      It was hot and muggy yesterday for me

    4. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Ah ok better today or still hot it's kinda getting warm today here

  4. *takes my nightly dose of fuck-it-all*

  5. Happy 4th of July everyone ^,.....,^

  6. Hello all hoping everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July weekend ^,.......,^

    1. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Good to hear silver :)

  7. Hey. Are you THE Sam Skydragon that I know from way back when? XP

    1. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Yes I am hows it going anook? Long time no see

    2. AnookWulfie


      Shew! It is going....not smoothly but still going. All sorts of hell happened with my family. Basically the remaining blood relatives is a couple aunts who live quite a bit away. Moved from my home to my own apartment with my GF. Working two hard labor jobs and still barely surviving. lol. so so so much has happened lol it is GREAT to see you again though. we should talk someday when we get the chance. *hugs the dragon friend from long ago*


    3. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      I agree *hugs back* :)

  8. Happy memorial day everyone ^,......,^

    1. Alcedo


      You too, even though I have no idea what that day is.

    2. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Thanks silver and alcedo

  9. Well shit.... compression checked the bike and now o know the rings are shot... great that's not gonna be a cheap fix and hopefully the rings didn't gouge the cylinder walls or it will get even more expensive.. owell now I gotta find someone who can fix it around here now that I know what's wtong

    1. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Ok thanks silver I'll try him and I may hafta it would be too much to have someone else do it with parts and labor costs I can see it getting pricy :(

  10. Very warm today

    1. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Yea true it may not be were some are but it is here and it's nice better than cold >.<

  11. Hi Naomi how are you

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    2. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Ah that's good to hear and I'm doing well besides it being humid today but better than the cold :)

    3. Naomi


      Very true ~

    4. sam skydragon
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