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Big Bucyrus

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  1. I am an unseen memory from deep with in, A Thought lost to time, Hidden from view by the swirling mists of the dream and only to me seen by the minds eye from deep with in the core~

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Oh hey you! Happy Birthday~!

  2. The state of Arkansas has decided to alter and pave highway 220. The "Red Dirt Highway" will be no more. i hate to see this as AR 220 is the last unpaved highway in the state and one of only 3 in the lower 48 that is still a well used highway.
  3. Northwest Arkansas has one hell of a road State Highway 220 better known around here as the "Red Dirt Highway". It runs between AR59 and I49 from Winslow to Cederville across razorback ridge, down thru Devils Den State Park and up Ceder mountain. Max grade is a 8% that runs for 3 miles along the west side of razorback. The road its self is 2 lane from Winslow to the park from that point on its red clay and flint rocks. There is a lot of heavy trucks on the western part of the road which is all 1 lane. I'll get you all a vid of it in better weather.
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