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Toxi Rose

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Toxi Rose last won the day on November 5 2017

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    The chill main character of TR
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    Wolf, Assassin/Cheshire cat (Cat whisperer)
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  1. look I got arts ^w^ also I binged all of season 1 and 2 of stranger things >.> don't judge me!!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Ahmuhguh, that's a cute Toxi

      Happy (belated) Halloween btw.

    3. Toxi Rose
    4. Miral


      I like it, makes me smile~

  2. I need help I got this fabric with leaves on it to put on my cloak cause I am making a rl cloak of elvenkind but I don't know if I should cut the leaves out and glue them on the cloak? put all the fabric onto the cloak? cut lines and sew it onto the back of the cloak randomly? or cut lines and sew it onto the back around the edges of the cloak? or no leaves at all?


  3. look I made my first ever halloween pumpkin ain't he a cutie, also don't judge me cause he my first one.

    also you should check out my other pics too =P

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Red


      I likes it!

    3. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      YAY *does a dance*

    4. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Better than my first, for sure. xD I really like it!

  4. GUYS I am so proud of myself I have exercised three days in a row. I know that's not impressive but it is for me to keep going with something so yay hopefully I can keep motivating myself to keep going

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Thanks that's super helpful, so far I have been making sure I do 10 different types of exercise/stretches for about 10 mins and then drinking some water afterwards. I have been doing this every day so far, I am hoping this will give me more energy for me to actually start going out more and doing stuff more. So far it is just me exercising but I am hoping by me starting soon he will join to...

    3. Jujubee


      If you do 10-15 minutes of squats it'll burn around 140-220 calories depending on weight/height/etc. I do these before bed.

    4. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      @Jujubee do you just do squats or other things?

  5. YOOOO elephants are cool ^w^

  6. I got my new Umaru hamster blanket cape thing and its the best thing in the whole world, its soooooo god damn comfy yo!! *rolls around like a crazy fur in the fur blanket*


    Ie this is Umaru for those who don't know and I has her blanket thingy now


  7. Happy Birthday, my best buddy~ We all love you and always will <3 Hope you have a great day, and the embrace of another wonderful year.

  8. So just played some more D&D again tonight and guess who just became even more awesome!!!

    that's right me, I am now officially the Angel of Freedom! I can't wait to see what happens next. So now we have the Angel of Air, Angel of Water, Angel of Fire, Angel of Purity/lust (cause she is actually also a demon) Angel of Knowledge and me the Angel of Freedom :D

    Also have a cool pic, AHHH I need a cool ass pic of me as an Angel of Freedom now :3


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Arabella


      pretty~ <3 -nibbles-

    3. Dukeallocer


      I see you cured your soul... And disposed of the Sin I gave you.

    4. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Angel of Freedom





  9. Ahh feeling sick hope I get better soon

    on the good news I have a few days off finally woop woop have a new pic to celebrate haha


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Dukeallocer



    3. Tati


      das cutes

    4. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      owo *winces from the explosion and just stands there wide eyed*

  10. Hi everyone still not dead I know I keep saying I am gonna try and come back on here all the time but bloody life keeps getting in my way hopefully in a month everything will beging to calm down again and I can see you all more often! anyway I haven't forgotten any of you not a day goes by that I don't think of you all your all basically like my family and I keep hoping all of you are just as ok

    on a happier note I got new pics! I got one like my character from D&D but she isn't a dragonborn so you know not fully the same but my character in D&D is a dragonborn assassin with a black cat called jinx (she is suppost to be the lucky cat stone but alive) and the elven cloak

    And just a random cute pic of me dazing off into the sun =P

    Anyway hope to hear from you all soon!!



    1. Show previous comments  33 more
    2. Glacero


      ** waddles over to you and gives you a big hug **   hi there

    3. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Toxi you amazing Fenine thing. x3 Good to see ya!

    4. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Hehe thanks Autumn and damn Ara that sounds wicked I am currently updating my profil on obsidian portal *trying to do Tsuki's story is hard*

  11. I hope you are okay, buddy. Stay safe. <3

  12. Sorry I haven't been on in like forever again guys I have been chilling at my bf's house a lot and working so I tend to not take my laptop with me much. anyway just a heads up I am not dead YAYYYYYY!!! and I has been making myself all comfy in his house *literally has a Toxi nest* I will try to take my laptop more to his place so I can chat with you all more often

    Also in the next couple days we are going to the coast for the weekend so I am pretty happy and excited *loves to swim*

    Talk soon guys!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Quint


      It's all good, Toxi. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!

    3. Miral


      Glad things are going so well for you

    4. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Happy to hear from you again! Hope you keep having fun, dearest!

  13. Happy Valentine's, buddy!

    Stay sweet~ <3

    1. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Hehe thanks Happy Valentines day too hope you had a good one and ate all the cute choccy's

  14. AHHH I got my new car today!!


    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Let me guess... it's the batmobile?

    3. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Yep it is totally the batmobile in desgiuse shhh but na its a Hyundai i40 super nice car with tons of space (So many road trips planned ahead)

    4. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Well, you drive safe now, buddy! :p

  15. Just wondering if anyone else had overwatch so I could add chu guys on it? also ps I suck so please don't expect me to be like ninja at this stuff

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Is playing Bastion as fun as it sounds? :p

    3. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      Um yes? *hasn't heard anything about how fun it is to play him* he turns into like a mini auto machine gun thing so yes

    4. Autumn Blaze

      Autumn Blaze

      Well, let's just say in my time playing Overwatch, that's what would kill me half of the time. XP

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