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Snowmew Justin

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  1. Pancakes are pretty good too
  2. The bike breaths again. Like a dragon waking from an eternal slumber, its' roar echoing off of the halls around it; Hungry and angry, it will terrorize once more.

  3. If the trans bellhousing bolts were walked out, I'd be wary that the flywheel bolts likely also lack locktite and proper torque spec, and are or will walk out as well.
  4. I got an acceptance letter from the college I re-applied fer.
  5. Now and forever my turn! Lemme win!
  6. Long enough to let me hold the throne for a while? :3
  7. I'm surprised mine doesn't burn more oil, honestly. I've been about half a quart low for a month, and surprisingly, it's stayed right there.
  8. In this case, the lack of glitter indicates a need for celebration!
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