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Snowmew Justin

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  1. The bike breaths again. Like a dragon waking from an eternal slumber, its' roar echoing off of the halls around it; Hungry and angry, it will terrorize once more.

  2. If the trans bellhousing bolts were walked out, I'd be wary that the flywheel bolts likely also lack locktite and proper torque spec, and are or will walk out as well.
  3. I'm surprised mine doesn't burn more oil, honestly. I've been about half a quart low for a month, and surprisingly, it's stayed right there.
  4. In this case, the lack of glitter indicates a need for celebration!
  5. Life has stagnated once again. Go me for doing that to myself this time.

  6. Nights like these that I lie awake and wonder about what the meaning of it all might be.

  7. Welcome to Monday: Act 3

  8. I really love when people change the plans which I need to be up early for, while I'm asleep. I no longer need to be up early.

  9. Why is Journey such great night-time windshield time listening?

  10. Slowly settling in and realizing furniture really makes a house a home. I've got nowhere to put anything, but I'm still enjoying life. It's slow going as money, though not entirely check-to-check, is still rather tight. But I am making it entirely on my fucking own. If you told me a year ago that this would be possible, I would not have believed you. But here I am now.

  11. My uncle passed today.

  12. Why do I continue to feel this immense sense of failure while I strive every day to be the best me I can be?

  13. I feel evermore disconnected from those around me, almost like a creeping numbness is seeping into my mind while at the same time a serene peacefulness absorbs me. It's a weird and confusing mix of emotions coalescing within the depths of my mind, birthed from events transpired and the environment that has allowed them to flourish. 

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