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  1. Well, the truck that was running before, won't now. Dunno what changed. Gonna be diagnosing tomorrow.

  2. I should be asleep. Why am I not alseep?

    1. braenuun


      because you're awake!

  3. I am the puzzle piece that is frayed and forgotten, tossed into the wrong box. I get looked at, analyzed, but over all I don't fit for what you're looking for.

    1. braenuun


      I pulled out my favorite puzzle from the closet one snowy day.  Bored with nothing to do, I placed the worn box on the table, the memories still fresh though years old. 

      I began to assemble to image, not needing the old image on the front of the box to guide me.  The pieces fit softly together, their once-rough edges old with how many times they had been wedged and fitted together with each other. 

      the image coalesced, riddled with perforations of the pieces themselves.  The center was nearly filled.

      With one hole left, I find there are no pieces.  I purse my lips, unsatisfied that this is not complete.  Looking to the closet, I see the many other puzzles and debate...it would take hours but...

      I work for the rest of the day, piecing together all of the puzzles to find the last piece, the piece that is frayed and forgotten, tossed into the wrong box.  I look at each piece, and analyze them, trying to find the one that does fit with the puzzle at hand until I find the piece I'm looking for.

      And finally, in the last box of course, I find an extra piece.  It is bent and creases distort the image on its front.  I'm excited, though, that this piece I had lost was found.  I step carefully across the floor, covered with puzzles, and reach the first one, the best one, the one I could not leave incomplete. 

      I place the bent and frayed piece in, and the picture is whole, and I smile.  Every piece has its place, and no puzzle is complete while missing even one of its parts.

  4. Here's to a whole new year of the same old shit. Lots of disappointment, failed goals, and not much changing.

    1. Ryokenohki


      I slept through all the fireworks!

    2. Salvatoriago


      *puts down black eyeliner*

      "Is someone singing my tune?"

    3. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin


      "When I was-

      A young boy,

      My father-

      Took me into the ciiity,

      To seee a marching baaand."

  5. ~10.5 miles of walking in ~5F average temp today. I am cold..

  6. One day closer to warmer times.

  7. Things are difficult for me lately. Very difficult.

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You’re strong enough to handle it man! 

  8. Last person to post wins.

    Well duh.
  9. Picked up a 97 S-10 with a 2.2L engine and a 5-speed manual for $250. Did not run, crankshaft position sensor was broken off by previous owner trying to fix it.

    I got it home and tried pulling it out.. When it wouldn't budge, I got a giggly rod and a hammer, and drove that fucker into the block. It now lives in the oil pan. The new sensor (included with the truck) took a few love taps to get in, but it seated well enough. Hooked the battery up (new, also included) with some new bolts, and got ready to try and start.

    Cranks, no start. No fuel pump whine, no bulb check in the dash.. Something wasn't right. Break out the multimeter and some schematics to troubleshoot. Tested fuses and found only 3V on the ECM IGN fuse, which runs the PCM.. Got under the dash and backprobed the connector from the ignition switch - same story. So, as a proof of concept, I decided to grab a length of wire and jump it.

    Cranked for about 10 seconds and fired right up and idled real smooth. I now own a running POS manual truck for under 300 bucks. (Spent like 6 on new battery bolts.) It needs front tires, has like half an exhaust, no radio, no gas cap, and needs some interior love.

    IT RUNS.. In under 2 days, it RUNS. ...And did I mention I had bought it from a "car guy"? 

    1. Ryokenohki


      Dude that's amazing

      Sounds like a worthwhile project moving forward b/c now this thing can be whatever you want it to be. Makes me almost wanna try learning this stuff b/c... wow that's awesome @[email protected]

  10. Well, Net Neutrality is officially dead.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryokenohki


      I really hope so. I'm glad a lot of companies and organizations are pushing against this.

      Always afraid that more people will go the Comcast route -_-
      2017 right?

    3. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      I think it's ridiculous that a group of 5 people, 3 of whom worked very high up in the large networking companies they are entrusted to regulate, are able to make such a consequential decision. The idea that they've ignored thousands of letters, postcards, millions of comments, and the general distaste of the ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY.

    4. Ryokenohki


      This has... like... worldwide ramifications too. I cannot fathom how this kind of decision was left to 5 people.

  11. Last person to post wins.

    *Cuts said cable* Mein.
  12. Last person to post wins.

    No you aren't.