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dragonfoxkin last won the day on March 27 2015

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  1. might as well say a hi

  2. I feel so alone and unwanted.... give me your honest opinion do you really like me and think I am worth anything? or am I just an annoying person that you want to see leave.....  *sniffle*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. dragonfoxkin


      really Maxon? *smiles a little*

    3. Maxon
    4. Draco


      Of course you are worth something. To some, you are worth everything. Don't ever doubt that

  3. hi big brother ^_^ I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season ^_^ 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dragonfoxkin


      thanks big bwother ^_^ it is nice to know I am not alone here in Job Corps ^_^ 

    3. Glacero


      i would have been to scared to ask if he was a furry.. how did you find out

    4. dragonfoxkin


      it was quite by chance... I was looking at some art on my thumbdrive and he just walked in and saw it... heh and he actually told me there are furry meets here in moses lake at the bowling alley every few weeks

  4. thanks for following


    1. dragonfoxkin


      you are very welcome ^^ *waddles over to him*

  5. If I don't reply for like a week to any message you guys send me or whatever please email me at [email protected] and make sure to let me know who you are too otherwise i'll probably not read your message and im just telling you guys this because if you read the status update right below this one you'll know why I am not on here and why you'll have to talk to me through email

  6. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!! Job Corps blocked access to Argetlam!!!! my favorite RP forum that has to do with dragons and the Eragon books!

  7. hey why are you following me?

    1. dragonfoxkin


      I follow everyone ^_^ its just what I do

    2. Furry Lover 69
  8. happy birthday *hugs you*

  9. hi everyone I have made it into Job Corps and have access to Tails Refuge again but I don't have access to Fur affinity but its great to be back ^^ and if you wish to send me letters or things while im here at Job Corps just PM me and i'll give you the mailing address

  10. hey Alexandra how have you been? *smiles waddling up to her and hugs her tight*

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. dragonfoxkin


      basically you learn how to do a trade like Carpentry, Welding, autoshop... etc or even get a high school diploma or GED if you don't have one.... anyway im here to get training for Carpentry

    3. Alexandra


      Sounds interesting. I hope you like your time there and that the place and people are treating you well ^_^

    4. dragonfoxkin


      yeah thanks Alexandra *hugs you close snuggling into your lap*

  11. hiya how have you been my good friend? *smiles and waddles over to you*

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. dragonfoxkin


      yeah it was also great to hear from you as well i'll try to keep in touch while at job corps ^^ hopefully they wont block this site as well but if that happens i'll send you my email address later so if it does happen we can still chat *hugs*

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I don't see why they would!

    4. dragonfoxkin


      well they blocked fur affinity and Job corps is run by the US federal government.... need I say more?

  12. Offline for the unforeseeable future I Promise I will return someday until then may you all live long and happy lives and my friends please never forget me *hugs all of them tightly one last time until I see them again*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sam skydragon
    3. Starflight199


      *hugs back* I will never forget you. I wish well little dragon.

    4. Mimu



  13. Hi everyone today and tomorrow are my last days on here for a while as I will be graduating high school on Saturday June 11th 2016 and do not know when I will have access to a device to get on here sorry everyone but I will try and make the most out of what time I do have left I promise

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tricky PoP

      Tricky PoP

      congrats can't wait to graduate myself

    3. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Awesome congrats :)

    4. Cyberwolfsoul


      very cool congrats.

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