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  1. Why do I main the Canadian ops in Siege? Oh yeah, bear traps!

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You sure it ain’t moose traps? 


    2. IT.




      My god, your right!

  2. Should I stream again?

  3. moar tentackles?

    1. IT.


      Eventually! I can't afford any more art for awhile.


    I'm streaming tonight! It's my first time streaming a multiplayer game, and first time I'll be using a mic! Wish me luck and feel free to watch!

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    2. IT.
    3. Red


      I'm you first subscriber!~ But now back to work for me!

    4. IT.


      Steam over...I'll be back tomorrow!

  5. Thinking about streaming Rainbow Six Siege Comp on my YouTube...Come watch me play Buck, the Canadian with absolutely zero recoil control and a skeleton key that may or may not kill!

  6. When you don't want to be single anymore but at the same time you know no furs in Florida, or at least any nearby.  


    Me: Oh hello person who I may have an interest in! Just a heads up before we date, I'm a furr-




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    2. IT.


      Literally everyone I meet does that when I tell them I'm a furry. It's actually worse when they don't know what it means because they just go and look it up...

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      It’s so fucking awkward right? XD 

    4. IT.


      It's worse when they look it up on their phone, or make you explain it...

  7. NSFW



    I'm always so surprised when I get a pencil and paper sketch then not even 12 hour later I get THIS! To all artists who do this... +10 respek!

  8. Are you interested in a BF?

    Here I am living in Florida while everyone that seems interesting is in Cali...

  10. So I'm getting kicked out of my apartment by my aunt, because I cursed her out when she just walked into my bathroom like she didn't give two shits that I was using it...


    Anybody in Bradenton need a good roommate?

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    2. Red


      So you have a.... BIKE LOCK!?

      That's funny. I'm funny.

    3. IT.


      I'm literally freaking out, I have no idea how to go about any of this stuff. I found a potential roommate, but there is still the problem with money management

    4. Ryokenohki


      :C that's really messed up. I hope you find some way out of that situation soon, maybe escaping your aunt will end up being a blessing even if it's rough at first?

      ...gosh I know way too many people in this sort of situation. Good luck!

  11. Me for the last week: Sits down in front of his laptop and completely forgets to eat. "Ok! Let's game"


    The sticky note I have on my screen: Convert old notebooks to laptop


    Me: What notebooks... *Notices the 10 notebooks sitting on the floor filled with D&D stuff and stories*


    My brain: Ok we got to get to work


    Every other part of my body: GO PLAY SOME SIIIIIIIIIIMS!

  12. So I just got my laptop in good order, who here plays The Forest?


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    2. IT.


      It's a horror survival game

    3. Red
    4. IT.


      I'm already turning the bones of my enemies into weapons!

  13. gamers lounge

    90% of the time when I knife someone a teammate spawns and kills me. I have the shorty and the very last shotgun, I just sprint around blasting people in the ass! I'm pretty good with shotguns, you just have to go for headshots like any other gun.
  14. gamers lounge

    Nah, I'm having fun rubbing around with a shotty! I actually snipe with the phantom bow, it's not all that bad.
  15. gamers lounge

    I suck at sniping in multiplayer, that's why I like DMRs