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  1. It takes a day to change the year, it takes years to change a person.

  2. So I went through another identity crisis and this time I've settled on the general username of WinterBolt or something like it and sona name of Arcshiver. ._. Pray I keep this setup than have another crisis.

    1. Bysector


      i like the name :)

  3. I forgot this website existed. . _ .

    1. Bysector


      Glaive your alive!!! 


      I've been trying to get on Skype but it won't let me update it or change my password :-( 

    2. Glaive


      Sorry to hear that. .3.

    3. Bysector


      meows i have found you on telegram though :P

  4. HEY GLAIVE :-D 


  6. Am now a paradox.

    1. Bysector


      dun dun duuuuuu

      hey glaive :)

  7. I hate when I'm not creative. I try my best to be original but not neglect inspiration. 

  8. Friend: -makes noise-
    Me: -almost chokes on food- Jesus dude I almost choked.
    Friend: Tell daddy to take it out then.
    Me: I cant when he's making it hard to breath. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. I'm lazy and I hate it. I want to do something about it. But that's a lot of work.

    1. Red


      Get proactive!

      What did you want to do btw?

    2. Glaive


      Draw. Write.

  10. "I am a bitch and I demand you fuck me like one!" ~Conversations with my friends.

    1. Samurai Kai
    2. Bysector


      Oh....How did this conversation end ;3

  11. So the picture I've been using as Glaive was simply a placeholder. Got around to doing a little more doodling before my patience ran dry so that same sergal became the beginning of Vercie's drawing as attached here.


  12. Gah, I need a USB extension. I'm using all my current ports. There's no where for my drawing pad. ;-;

  13. Feeling lazy and bored today and probably tomorrow. Won't be doing much writing or drawing. 

  14. I'm so happy your back!!!!  :-D 

    Hugs you 

  15. Super excited for Anthem. Looks so good. Anyways, about earlier... I don't really know where I was going with that. I do know I will be writing stories often that I may post to FA or here or both. I'm a pretty good writer so I have a bit of faith that I can put something good together that can be enjoyed by many groups. Many different genre will be involved depending on the story and I may even make a comic if I feel like drawing enough. I'll make a thread with more details.