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  1. "I am a bitch and I demand you fuck me like one!" ~Conversations with my friends.

  2. So the picture I've been using as Glaive was simply a placeholder. Got around to doing a little more doodling before my patience ran dry so that same sergal became the beginning of Vercie's drawing as attached here.


  3. Gah, I need a USB extension. I'm using all my current ports. There's no where for my drawing pad. ;-;

  4. Feeling lazy and bored today and probably tomorrow. Won't be doing much writing or drawing. 

  5. Interesting. Noted.
  6. I'll keep it written down. Working details.
  7. Like I said, I'm pretty much taking suggestions here so dump 'em all down. Any and all.
  8. I'm all for suggestions. My downside is I can't always find a place to start. I'll probably get right to work on whatever anyone tosses on the table.
  9. Besides not being able to find a good name for this little update, all I got to say here is a couple of things I might want an opinion on? I'll label things to keep it easy to read and organized. Characters - I'm currently updating my old character list due to multiple changes in their multiverse and quite a few new additions. I think at least. I might keep the characters used in upcoming stories and artistry to just that. The Stories! - Both for either here and/or FA I've decided to hone my writing skills and practice on suggestions I will be taking by none other than the fur community! Everyone here is friendly enough so I'd figure here would be a great place to pool suggestions. Things to suggest would be genre, plot, scenario, sfw/nsfw, etc. I can do almost anything with my stories so go nuts? Yes that was more of a question than a statement. I tend to get distracted when I'm coming up with ideas so usually the good stuff gets........ succ'd... right out of me. I may go as far as making comics eventually that I'll post on FA if I can get drawing in there somewhere too. I'm not bad but I'm no top artist. For nfsw there are some things that I just won't put in, the extreme stuff. Can't handle it, sorry. Bi and open minded leave plenty of room though. I can handle some moderate and light craziness. On final note, short stories to relatively good length stories are something that vary. Detail tends to fade with longevity, however, so it's practice. Don't hound on me too hard. Roleplay and collab - These little plans I have extend to partnering up with maybe one or potentially more people. If our work gets good enough, I may add in some detailed words in the mix of our recreational activity and compose a good read out of it. Who knows? This is just a few things I have going on right now besides other distractions. I want to be more involved and I feel making something others will enjoy reading is a good start. Content creation for others and smiles are what I'm all about. I aim to please and I'm happy for all those who enjoy it. I play a lot of video games and have little to absolute zero short term memory but I am patient so it isn't that hard to keep my attention. I'll write a project down somewhere and look at it eventually. I'll take any and all suggestions! If comics and just making art in general becomes a usual thing, I have no intention of requesting payment for the deed. If I do a commission for someone, it'll be 100% free of charge. Actually, I might ask for an opinion. That's decent enough payment. Practice makes closer to perfect.
  10. I'm so happy your back!!!!  :-D 

    Hugs you 

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    2. Bysector


      Hugs you tighter :-) 

    3. Glaive


      Heh, thanks dude. 

      *Hugs back.* 

    4. Bysector



  11. Super excited for Anthem. Looks so good. Anyways, about earlier... I don't really know where I was going with that. I do know I will be writing stories often that I may post to FA or here or both. I'm a pretty good writer so I have a bit of faith that I can put something good together that can be enjoyed by many groups. Many different genre will be involved depending on the story and I may even make a comic if I feel like drawing enough. I'll make a thread with more details.

  12. Look who's finally back? Fuck me dude. Anyways, I have a plan for on here that I'll announce when I get back from some errands. It involves erotica so if that tickles your tail, keep an ear up and an eye out.

  13. First one: Dark Souls meme

    Second one: I actually made this myself in approximately an hour. 



    1. Bysector


      Wow thats really really good :-D 

    2. Glaive


      lmao no it's not. It was bullshit together and called good when I got bored and put that stupid little face on it. It makes a great meme but not the best piece of art. xD

    3. Bysector


      I love the piece of art glaive 

      I like how you've done the armor 

  14. Boy I don't know where this came from but I am feeling weeeeeeirrrrd~

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. Glaive


      I was just having an episode. Nothing bad, just... odd. I was doing things I usually don't - like disturbing people in my SC2 coop games with things I usually don't say. It was weird. I don't know how else to describe it. I was all sorts of away from my comfort zone. I just didn't care. It was cool but odd. I still feel like it's either lingering around or has left a lasting impression on me.

    3. Red
    4. Bysector



      Hugs you 

  15. For Honor has gotten me interested in Latin, guard styles, dueling, weaponry - specifically halberds and longswords. 

    1. Stoneheart


      Good luck, cuz most of the game content is not accurate. Mostly just put together by game designers, taken from suggestions made by people that actually know what they're talking about....