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  1. FullmetalThunder

    Toasty Topic

    In that case, you got any rare candies? I can evolve his bread!
  2. FullmetalThunder

    Toasty Topic

    Markiplier is TOAST!!! 
  3. FullmetalThunder

    Game Makers?

    Does anyone else here develop their own games like I do? I am working on Thunder: A Hero's Welcome - The Game, and Five Nights At Thunder's which is possibly going to turn out to be a bad fan game.
  4. FullmetalThunder

    Toasty Topic

    This is hilarious! I love toast.
  5. FullmetalThunder

    I need y'alls opinion on something, if you can help I mean.

    You're not ugly! I think you look pretty cool actually. The facial hair doesn't affect the way you look.
  6. FullmetalThunder

    New Furry

  7. FullmetalThunder

    Favorite song/band/artist?

    I would give the real answer but I'll get picked on for liking it so I'm just going to stick with Soundtrack music.
  8. FullmetalThunder

    The Clean Fox Den

    It will be clean when I introduce you to my character, Thunder. She loves pizza. And I mean, LOVES it. Loves it as much as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Chica The Chicken combined.
  9. FullmetalThunder

    Origin Stories (odds are some NSFW)

    I got into the furry community when I was on Youtube watching videos of people's anthropomorphic animal characters dancing. That was before I knew what yiff was. I don't consider furries a "fandom" though because I'm not a fan of myself. I consider them a community. But when I saw furry porn, I had an anxiety attack. I was accused of bestiality JUST because  I was a furry even though I am a clean furry who is the founder of a group called "BestialityIsWrong". I'm still a furry today and I probably will be for a long time, but I'm scared to be one. Three 10 year olds were murdered in my state. The reason; because they were furries. I went through so many furries and there were rarely any monster furries so I made my fursona a kaiju. His name is "Shadow" though is original name was some Japanese name I couldn't pronounce so I changed it to Shadow. The inspiration for his name came from the hedgehog.
  10. Sex isn't exactly a "need" but I'm pretty sure it's possible not to consider a relationship with them. If all they care about is sex and they don't care about you at all, it's probably best to look for someone else that does care about you.
  11. FullmetalThunder

    Kiryu's Crew

    Looks good so far. I like the coloring too.
  12. FullmetalThunder

    Difficult programs

    I have a question but I'm not sure if anyone knows the answer. Does anyone here know how to use Matlab? I've used it before in school and I just can't work the damn thing. I never learned.
  13. FullmetalThunder

    Your Fursona, how and why?

    I came up with my fursona when noticing there are barely any kaiju furries, or monster furries in general. The only common monster furries I have seen were werewolves and there are millions of them. How I came up with Shadow I don't exactly know.
  14. Hey if you need a friend I'm here.

  15. FullmetalThunder


    Hello, there!