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  1. Granted, but they will all be corrupted beyond usefulness. I wish I could fix my truck.
  2. Granted, the distance you travel to work is shortened. But the traffic is always so bad it takes ten times as long to get there as it did before. I wish for my dream job.
  3. Granted, but every time you time jump your teleported to a random place in the world. I wish for the ability to walk through walls.
  4. Love you, pup. Keep heart.

    1. Jore


      Thanks, I will.

  5. Granted, but as they glow they put off a really bad stench, causing everyone to run from you.   I wish for a bigger better house.
  6. Granted but it did not have support pillars so it caves in.   I wish for a sneach.
  7. Granted. but they are hungry and eat each other.   I wish for a clock.
  8. Granted. But when you open it you drop it thus spilling it all over.   I wish for a baked potato.
  9. Granted. but it is burnt completely through and falls into ashes in your mouth.   I wish for a big check.
  10. Granted.  But it runs away from a fight and has a low health bar.   I wish for a car.
  11. Granted, but it's barbie pink and moldy.   I wish for a pocket knife.
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