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  1. hmm maybe a dungeon keeper rp

  2. ah you know what just to hell with it

    1. Guroda


      you sure like to speak on my statuses and alot of people's lol

  3. how come even when they see other's posts why do they still do" looks around-whats going on?" and not actually writing it kind of like a story?

  4. what on my mind? well I dont know. humans are interesting creatures I guess. As I observe from sites to the real world. I dont know. I guess feeling lonely doesnt help

  5. cocka?... cocka~ cocka cocka tooki tooki cocka! "Bren! i thought we established cocka cockda and tooki tooki dont work

  6. hmm not much today

  7. going to enjoy humiliating the mage

  8. jousting. Tali-ho mother fuah!

  9. working on profile trying to get the introduction XD

  10. hmm i dont know

  11. there is no such thing as innocence only layers of guilt

    1. Guroda


      that is very true lol

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