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  1. We are winning the battle against the fruit flies. In other news, I'm practicing digi legs and anatomy today.

  2. You should check out this amazing character for sale: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14135549/ She comes with lover 30 pictures, and she's adorable. Artist needs food money, so.

  3. House is officially overrun with fruit flies. Who we gunna call? (No srsly who do we call, they gotta go...)

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    2. The Infamous Junn

      The Infamous Junn

      If they spawned from say...a dirty sink or something...Bleach and clean the hell out of it, spray it down with bug killer and wait. In time they'll go to find another place to feed. I know, I had the same problem in my old apartment. Also, do the same for your trash, turn any place where filth can be into a death trap.

    3. Mellorious


      Yea we found out they came from the downstairs trash, which usually only has like, lint in it from the dryer. My brother had scraped plates off into it before he left a week or so ago, apparently. x.x

    4. The Infamous Junn

      The Infamous Junn

      Just do what I suggested and in time you will be fruit fly free :D

  4. It's really frustrating when you need to draw but just can't D:

    1. Miliki


      It's even more frusterating when you want to draw but are in a situation you cant. So I feel for you on the opposite end.

  5. Hello Kitty + Grilled cheese noms = <3<3<3

  6. If you could be a lunchmeat, what would you be?

  7. How much wood would a wood chuc-SAUSAGE

    1. Zen :3

      Zen :3

      Zebra sausage, to be exact. Neigh ;3

  8. such pony much magic so friendship wow

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