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  1. it has been over a year and i seem to forgot what the name of the discord is

  2. when you want to do fighting roleplay but don't know where to start it ....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. braenuun


      i dont know how to start one other than throwing punches, but i got some suckers who can throw some pretty nice ones!  HMU!

    3. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      Usually fighting rps are arena based in my experience

    4. Miral


      Start with why you fight.  Is it for fun, to hone your skills, for ideology or revenge or just to feel alive?   Once you know why you feet scenarios may begint o suggest themselves

  3. when  your legs to work like they used to XD

  4. It has been two years since i was last here and I am wondering where the chat is

    1. Rune


      You should see an announcement across the top of your page that redirects you to the TailsRefuge News thread, in which you will find a thread titled Temporary chat.

  5. Happy Birthday Redamon!