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CaptNoodles last won the day on July 30 2019

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  1. Howdy from the dead everyone!!

    Man been a long time since i wondered back on overr here ❤️

    How are you all!!

    1. Garth


      Welcome back!

    2. CaptNoodles


      hey road! long time no see!!

    3. Red
  2. Ugh nobody buys my art anymore. =/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Vivus


      well I can't help you there

    3. CaptNoodles


      i know im jus sulking lol

    4. Garth


      When I get the cash, I will totally. I dig your art!

  3. So I literally have over 60 characters... Do I have a char hoarding problem??

    1. Tombax


      Well, a string is just an array of chars.... XD

  4. Welp ima play me some ps4 o-o

    1. Kiryu2012


      Yes, the PS4 itself, not whatever game can be played on it.

    2. CaptNoodles


      Wat a smart ass you are..

    3. Kiryu2012
  5. pissed off

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Red
    3. CaptNoodles


      its fucking amazing the lowlife lazy ass people they will hire into a workplace... like why do they get to halfass shit and get away with it but if i breathe wrong i get a fuking write up. Its not fair. They need to fire there asses


    4. Tombax


      I feel your pain. That baffles me too. Know you are not alone in your confusion.

  6. who was the fur you hungout with??

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CaptNoodles


      Well least I got to take you to dinner ;D


      we should have jus gotten the fukin cheesecake...

    3. Marcus B.

      Marcus B.

      I would have been alright with that :p

    4. CaptNoodles
  7. Do you happen to be the same CaptNoodles from Chatlands?....

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. CaptNoodles


      lmfao im not joking tho dude

      he had a bitchen body

    3. Stout


      ....I'll have to be on the lookout then.....

    4. CaptNoodles
  8. Wow totally wasnt ready for this new site update .- .

  9. Welp.. Guess who decided to pop her little twisted head back on tails for a little while =) Miss me??

  10. well guess my computer says no to the Chat on here... Just kicked me off it like nobodies buisness. oh well

  11. Yes im going to be giving away some free art. Keep in mind that this is NOT first come first serve!! I will draw who I wish. And that also means don't get all pissy if i decide not to draw your character uvu.   But this can be anything from full body, headshots, chibi, so on. Dont ask for something specific because im probly not going to do what you ask xD. its free art!! you get what you get and you dont complain!! specially when I dont really give out art that much.   So yes also PLEASE post LEGIT REFERENCE SHEETS. None of this drawn in pencil then saying what color is what NO!. I want an actual ref sheet. and im also not counting those fuking character makers (Those weird chibi things that are out there) as reference sheets!! bc the shit is too small to see and i cant distinguish what is what or where markings end or begin. Catch my drift?? (Waitress bases an shit like that are ok)   There is no time frame for all this Im just going to be do it when I feel like it. so POST AWAY!!
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