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  1. Holy Bananas. It's been a while since Iv been on here. How the ever loving booty cheeks are ya guys ;3

  2. im making a project, that i want some people to check out :3

    i know some might like it


  3. what ever happened to friends requests? that seemed like a good feature

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    2. Vivus
    3. Glacero


      ill be your fwend  ** hugs you **

    4. Brandon_Da_Fox


      i know, but i feel like im lost without the friend system, and have to go to every one of my friends to then follow them

  4. So, i got BO2 on the Wii U...any its like a ghost town on there...less then 1,500 people online...of only if i had some people to play with, either multiplayer or zombies.

  5. im finally making concept for my character for the Fan sequel im creating for Zootopia. does anyone want to see when i finished?

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Sure. I'm sure Kim will too. 

  6. i don't know what is going on...everytime i try to go on a topic, the site glitches out and logs me out...i can't get into my own topics

  7. could i make a fan-fiction, without knowing most of the source, and where it comes from?

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    2. Brandon_Da_Fox


      so i can make something, while know LITTLE about its original source.
    3. Alcedo


      I would say you do at least a little research, but other than that, go for it!! :)
    4. Brandon_Da_Fox


      well, its because it for more of a project that i thought of while i was at work
  8. Brandon_Da_Fox

    Post your "weird" fetishes (NSFW)

    also, when i rp, i would sometimes like to see the said character (furry only though...i mind human males, but not mind human females....im sort of fucked up a bit) in a DiD situation, but not like tied up and that jazz, held against their will, but more likely hanging over a pit, or dangling for their life...and slowly losing grip, doesnt matter if it kills them or someone saves them, or if they fall, but its not much of a far drop, more like several inches off the ground....i dont even know the name to it tbh with anyone...also i did mention toe hanging, a foot fetish...so...
  9. Brandon_Da_Fox

    I Made a Demo for my game

    whats the game called?
  10. Brandon_Da_Fox

    Game Makers?

    its not really close, but im making a story about video games
  11. Brandon_Da_Fox

    Free Character Headshots.

    i love it x3
  12. Brandon_Da_Fox


    i do not have a ps4. i have a three.
  13. who wants to rp with meh <:3

  14. Brandon_Da_Fox

    Free Character Headshots.

    ill have a sketch :3