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  1. Hi arkaerin, how are you :-) 

    1. Arkaerin


      Hi, I'm good. You? 

    2. Bysector


      I'm good :-) 

      What you upto 

      I saw your topic and was wondering if you wanted to, we could be friends 


  2. Hello. I'm a sweet young male wolf looking for that special female. I'm very caring and respectful. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about me.
  3. Yes, so we'll never live long enough to see who will be last. Perhaps nobody will truly be last. The mysteries of life.
  4. I suppose nobody can be last forever. Only time can tell.
  5. But it's not the truth if I'm last.
  6. I posted last. Do I win now? xD
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