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  1. And now I activate Pot of Greed, this card allows me to draw two cards from my deck! But you already knew that, everybody knows what Pot of Greed does! But, anyway~ A familiar face on the window, a name that has been and gone; resting within the folklore of Tails Refuge, among the ancients and the originals; THE REVIVAL IS HERE, of the greatest and best, Sparky of all time! I guess it's just systematic that I'm here but I don't even know why I'm here, but I guess I'll stick around for a long time? owo
  2. On this day I can see clearly~

    1. Red


      The rain is gone!~

  3. YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME On this day, I see clearly!
  4. But only one will survive, I wonder who it will be, this is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!
  5. Well didn't someone literally win this game, until the lurker returned!
  6. I can't tell if things have changed since I was last here, but I do know that I'm kinda dreading doing an 11 hour work shift today XD

  7. Welcome to the life in general :P
  8. My avatar is adobs, even if you don't agree :P
  9. Even as a clone I can only go so far.
  10. No, certainly not, I'm just a perfect imitation of the real thing, honestly, it's cool though, he knows.
  11. Sometimes I wonder what I walk into, and then I realize it's just an inanimate object.
  12. Taken during my attempted 230 mile cycle from Liverpool to London, on a bridge over a motorway in the Sandbach area of England.
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