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  1. Granted, but i got drunk and she had to deal with a hung over rose the next morning   (not gunna lie thats whats gunna happen)   I wish that Netflix would update their movies and get something good for me to watch
  2. (so much hate on you right now)   Granted but your computer cant run any of them   I wish that My best friend was less of a twaffle :P
  3. (I hate you) Granted but you can only stay in any one spot for a milisecond   I wish that Ark servers were easier to set up
  4. Granted but the things you want are all broken   I wish my tablet would work with manga studio for more than 5 min
  5. Granted but no one believes what they see   I wish my damn tablet pen would stop breaking on me and would always work no matter what
  6. Granted. But it's all terribly folk rap music I wish my friend would finally post back in our Gaia rp >~>
  7. Granted but it doesnt work   I wish I could drink without ever getting another hangover
  8. Granted, but it falls apart when you touch it   I wish for a unbreakable unstealable Cintique 24HD tablet that connects to any computer and never causes any problems
  9. Granted but the light burns out your eyes   I wish i could make art look exactly on paper/on my computer as it does in my head
  10. granted but it gives you terriable food poisoning   I wish unlimited bandwith and the worlds fastist internet and a computer that can handle it
  11. im ok with selling my soul to satan for a unlimited credit card i never have to pay back xD Granted but he is a asshole sidekick and keeps cock blocking and getting into fights I wish for a pet redpanda that can never die or get sick or attack me >.>
  12. Granted but it burns up the earth   I wish for a Credit card with unlimited credit, that works everywhere, is unbreakable and that i dont have to ever pay back.
  13. Granted but they are full of holes   I wish for longer hair that never knotted or got messed up
  14. Granted but instead you have to drink gross flavored water constantly in order to get the protein.       I Wish i was living in a cartoon
  15. ok so I'm bored and didnt see a topic for this game yet   For those who dont know this game its fairly simple someone makes a wish and the next person corrupts it And makes their own wish     EX: First person: I wish i had a puppy. Second poster: Granted but the puppy has rabies.       I wish for a Million Bucks
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