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  1. What brought you to be furry?

    Accidentally finding furry porn and rave music. yes THAT rave music. Not into it anymore though.
  2. Are you interested in a BF?

    Heya! Name's Argus, Goose, asshat or Darion. Or if you come up with a better one, I spose you can call me that too! I live in Merced, California! I am also looking *almost* strictly for people from California. My last relationship was long distance, and it didn't go well. I'm not looking for long distance. (as long as we can meet on weekends or something like, I can work with that) Also, I'd prefer you to be 20-30 years old. I'm sorry but I am not looking for people much older than I am nor jailbait. Shit's whack, man. I am not always the nicest person you will meet, Ill be honest. I like to give people a hard time for mistakes or their interests, but that's just my dumb way of trying to be your friend. Honestly I don't mean any of it. Truly, I expect the same back; I like to try and lighten the mood and do dumb shit because that's just how I am. I hope you can understand. However, befriend me and be genuine, and I'll be a great friend for you. I come from an unhappy house and family but I try to be upbeat and straightforward with everyone I meet. (hence some of the negatives from above) I have a few characters that I use on a usual basis, which include a species I came up with, a android version of that, a subby naga, and a Clydesdale horse. I'd be happy to share artwork of some of them with you. I love science and technology, and sci-fi especially, with a touch of realism. I used to do art a lot, and then it dipped and I'm finally on the rise again! I like listening to music and playing games (Overwatch, MGSV, Fallout mainly). In fact I really like playing games, though I'm trying to get other more important things to take over. Like art or more engaging things. I dunno hah! I am not religious or spiritual, but I respect that you may be! You do you, okay? I have lived in California all my life, and would like to go somewhere else, but I'm kinda ground in place right now, due to circumstance. What I look for in both a romantic and sexual partner is someone who genuinely cares and becomes interested in the things I do or like, and has real affection. I of course will return these things I ask for, there is no questioning that. Beyond that I don't really have any "requirements" per se. Just be you and include me in what you do. I put that I'm bisexual, but I....Well I'm not sure, I haven't exactly had any experience yet. However, I lean towards the ladies mostly, but if a guy was just right, or was feminine, I'm sure we might work something out. I am also primarily a dominant type, though I really enjoy being given a direction, and then leading from there. My partner's pleasure and happiness is very important to me, I enjoy it when they're enjoying themselves! I will sub in rp's somewhat regularly if you want, but IRL---I don't know! Again, inexperienced, and Ive had some rough experiences so I am wary of sexual things and affection, just let me warm up to you. I used to be very athletic, but I'm looking to go back to it. I'm chubby, but muscular! (pictures upon real interested request!) I have brown hair and brown eyes and tend to wear loose clothing. I get hot okay. what else what else. Nothing! See you out there Oh! Due to certain restrictions, I am limited to a few messengers I can use. Telegram is the easiest, and if we get along I may pass you my actual phone number! Wow! add me on tele @Argoose
  3. Hello hello, it's ya boi.


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    2. MayaMaya


      Do you even remember me? hah


    3. Red


      Not, but you're still my boi!

    4. MayaMaya


      Oh, well alright


  4. Guess which exotic 9 foot tall 860 pound creature's birthday is tomorrow. (it's me)


  5. Rocket League? Battlefield?

  6. I need yet another place to live...long story short, my family doesn't want me and I have nowhere to go...

  7. Rocket League!

    Yes it does cross play though I'm not sure how we find each other! I'm on PC as you may have guessed. PM me If you're interested
  8. Rocket League?

    Sure sure, though I'm on PC. I started some days ago, but I'm not bad. Not sure if we'd be able to find each other though... Dunno how that works. PM me if you get anything
  9. Ever been tired? I mean like reeaallly tired?

  10. Heh, today hasn't been so bad. Arts n all ya know?

  11. Why did I do it? Simply because it needed to be. Wouldn't you want to know what happens in your story?

  12. There's never too much Fallout 4 hype

  13. Scratch that. Call "tails" point bottle caps and Ill shit brix

    1. Queen Cereal

      Queen Cereal

      I didn't notice until you said something, but the money symbol on the tails looks like the Simoleon symbol. <o.o7

    2. MayaMaya


      Ive heard Simoleons once in my life. "holy Simole"

  14. Who wants 121 tails? I dont use 'em.