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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. Oh god what is this place where have i been

    1. Red


      Someplace strange and magical!

  3. *drops an epic rap about your birthday over a sick beat*

  4. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    Take up some yoga! It's helped me out a ton. Secret bonus: It'll help you understand muscles/anatomy better as you consider the limits of the human body through the exercise.
  5. First person to drop a ref-sheet of their character in this status gets a free sketch from me. Sketch will be SFW.

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    2. Kalki Vandal

      Kalki Vandal

      Yeah, sorry about the Da Vinci style pose. It just felt right hahahaha

    3. Red


      IKR. I wish I could customize the interface better too like I can with Photoshop. I had such bad ADHD. X3

    4. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      Holy damn that's some fine art! Congrats on your win Red!

  6. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    Just a wee bit! No harm no foul XD
  7. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    ಠ_ಠ but seriously, she turned 23!
  8. Kalki Vandal

    Rune's Artsy Things!

    Damn Limi, you're kicking ass lately! Great stuff
  9. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    I've been out of town for the last couple weeks visiting my g/f for her birthday and I've got that recolor sitting on my desktop back home. If I remember correctly, I had just finished laying down the light/shadow renderings. It will be done!
  10. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    Damn, that's s shame. Nice pose! Gonna repurpose the image?
  11. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    I've got quite a bit to post, so I'm gonna break it up a bit. Here's some rough explorations. Lots of humans/faces, I've been trying to get away from furry stuff a bit.
  12. Kalki Vandal

    Red's Art Circle

    Whoa I remember this place! :P I'll have some stuff to share soon. All sorts of weird shit.
  13. *peruses your page*

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    2. Kalki Vandal

      Kalki Vandal

      Hi! Have we met before?

    3. braenuun


      it is unlikely.  I left for about a year and have recently returned! *mwahah*

    4. braenuun


      I see you sneekin on my page ^-^

  14. An acquaintance of mine I shared a couple art gallery shows with is making the headlines today. She the girl who made that Taco Bell wedding dress. Cool stuff!

  15. I'm gonna be officially opening commissions again. I've got a good feeling about this run.

    1. Red


      Oh? And why's that?