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  1. Woah Team Pyro actually won...Yay

  2. I was holding my snake and I fell asleep......I found him in the kitchen......

  3. Wow...this place died ;~;

  4. Nyaaah~ I cant wait for my Vipamz Mouse mat tommarow!!!

  5. Todays my special day!

    1. Coopaer


      Oh! Congratulations!

  6. OH my god my parents just bought me a HP envy as an early birthday gift..Ohh I love them so much :3

    1. Tombax


      Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy it! ^w^

    2. Red


      Life is good sometimes.

  7. Laptop isnt working..well the usbs time to update everything.or its just getting old :/


  8. My god this is beautiful 



    1. Hyliad


      I have to fap now

  9. I did the splits it hurt badly..Cant feel mh right leg but no biggy

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      That  does not sound good at all.

  10. IRL Photos n' Shit

    God my face is not meant for pics and i was messing around with filters
  11. Got my new skateboard today...It came during the rain.Nothing got wet tho and its looking great ^w^

  12. This new site look....Lovin it guys great work!! ^w^



  13. Still waiting for my laptop to get fixed

  14. Still waiting for my laptop to get fixed

  15. Oh hell yah! ^///^