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Danny Prince of Derps

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Danny Prince of Derps last won the day on April 17 2015

Danny Prince of Derps had the most liked content!

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  • Birthday 08/13/1997

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    United Kingdom, England, Barrow-in-Furness

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    Ahem... But yeah. It's been really long. Kinda shocked.

    1. Rune


      Inactive status is given by request, not by length of inactivity~

    2. Danny Prince of Derps
  2. Great Mary of Merciful Fucks, I haven' been on here in a while!!

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    2. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      Heh. Thank you! ...Of course, I might end up just logging on every now and again... -w-
    3. Chinona


      thats fine
      better than never!
    4. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      True, true! You're not wrong there!
  3. Well, I've been getting A grades in college. It's a surprise considering I get Cs And Bs a lot.

    1. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      Thanks, Silver. Hoping the results continue going great! ^^
  4. Just a filler. Not been on TR as much now.

  5. Well, it's the end of my birthday, so I want to thank everyone for their wishes! Love you all! <3

  6. 18th birthday! Time ta' get drunk!

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    2. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      Ya' know what? Maybe I will! ;D
    3. Kyuu


      Welcome to adulthood~ All downhill from here :3
    4. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      DAMN IT! Just as I suspected...
  7. Birthday on the 13th. About a day or so to go.

  8. Alright, I guess I should break it to ya'. I've been free from college for a while now and haven't really felt in the mood to log on to TR recently, what with all the shit that has been happening for the past month.

    1. Arabella
    2. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      I forgot to mention that if I'm ever in chat, I prefer talking privately. Just so peeps know.
  9. "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one you're going to get. Yours however is a box full of ACTIVE GRENADES!" ~Stewie Griffin, Family Guy. It's rather true for some people.

  10. We're all surrounded by inconsiderate people in our lives. The main task is to find out who is being inconsiderate. We all know who they are, but do they know who they are? <3

  11. I'm sorry... I was just really tired, it was 5:30AM over here. TT~TT

  12. Fuck it. I'm not spending the summer being ridiculed. Fuck this.

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    2. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      Granted, I'm not good at being social, I fucking get that. But to overexaggerate things to try and further push things is an asshole move, and you know it. And to be honest, I thought I respected some people, when they turned out to be the rudest. So no. I'm not gonna calm down before anyone starts. I don't give a shit if I'm being melodramatic. I am through with being someone's verbal punching bag.
    3. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      So if you really, TRULY need me, TALK TO ME ON FA. Not like anyone will read any of this, but fuck it. Either FA or if you have me in Skype contacts, I couldn't give any more of a fuck. Yeah, I get lonely a lot, but I can't help it. I am stuck with a bunch of assholes in my country, so I lock myself in my bedroom to get away from it all. Why complain about me being an attention whore? It's not like you don't have enough people complimenting you left, right and fucking center.
    4. Danny Prince of Derps

      Danny Prince of Derps

      I'm probably gonna break my fingers ranting in here.
  13. I'll just stop talking. Fuck it. I say the wrong thing way too many times. I'm just done.

  14. Yeah, I'll be posting this as my status again, so... hit me up in PMs if you wanna chat or RP. Please make sure to look at what I like and don't like. I mean, sure, there are some things that I haven't listed... But... yeah.

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