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  1. Freshly redesigned nimbat :3

  2. I officially have my own apartment!

    1. Dav Sionnach

      Dav Sionnach

      Now we know where the party is!
  3. Happy easter to those who care.

  4. Ever fall asleep without meaning to and then wake up freaking out because you thought it was the next day and you were late for stuff?

    1. Glaive


      Yes. Recently too. I woke up later that Friday and thought I slept through Saturday.
  5. wew another bleh valentines day :/

    1. acbooster


      Who said it had to be bleh? If you don't have someone to share it with, use the day as a day to pamper yourself a little!
    2. Dust_the_fluffball


      @acbooster The problem with that is I cant. the only difference between that day and every other is the fact that I am surrounded by things I'm allergic to
  6. Sorry if I seem off, people aren't really getting or trying with me anymore and Its been very discuraging..

  7. Is everyone doing well?

    1. Tombax


      I certainly can't complain. Yourself?
    2. Dust_the_fluffball


      @SuperSocket7 Considerably better having a new and really usefull drawing tablet
  8. I hate when younger siblings get you sick >~<

  9. Happy new year and stuff :o

  10. Cloud is actually kind of fun to play in smash :3 (though he is a pain in the tail to fight)

    1. Austin Mistplume
    2. Dust_the_fluffball


      He is worth the like 6 bucks in my opinion. He is tough to fight because he has more ups than downs (despite his crappy recovery) and is fun because of the potential of combos you have ^^
  11. heyo all who can see it

    1. Dust_the_fluffball


      @silver If you've commented you've seen it :p
    2. Dust_the_fluffball


      Nope, i just am aware of how few people will actually see or care about my random updates
  12. My semester has ended and I'm on vacation for a while

  13. Freeeedoooooooom (end of the semester is tomorrow and im technecally not requred to show up tomorrow)