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Blue Greymon

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About Blue Greymon

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    king of the digimon
  • Birthday 08/15/1981

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    dinosaur digimon
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    Single, Will yiff for food
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    Jacksonville, Florida

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  1. welcome to greymon's profile page. home of the world's horniest dinosaur.

  2. I am greymon! hear me RAWR!

  3. blue greymon is here to stay on tails refuge as a full fledged member

  4. i love all my fellow tails refuge members

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Blue Greymon

      Blue Greymon

      yes zero i did found a blue greymon picture. and if i had it yesterday Tayto and me would not had our little problem i guess.

    3. Spooky


      Love is kind of subjective here.

      I love nothing.

    4. Blue Greymon

      Blue Greymon

      send me a pm with the secret my silver please and thank you.

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