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  1. ARC-2134

    What brought you to be furry?

    I didn't know what it was. I guess it was a way to cope with constant bullying at my middle school, then high school. It was only then until I found out what it was and that there were other people who had the same interest as I did. A few of us became friends... Then we graduated. Most of the furfriends I hung out with after graduation lead self-destructive lives and refused to acknowledge they had problems. No jobs, no money, no will to do anything. The tipping point was when some of them started defending a domestic abuser. SO, dropped them like a bag of rotting potatoes and really haven't found any IRL friends who were furs. I live a in a dry area lmao
  2. It's been around two years since I was last here. I feel a wee bit out of place

  3. >chat go down >forums light-up like a god damn christmas tree. FUCKING kek

  4. ARC-2134

    you all fucking suck

    This thread is top kek
  5. ARC-2134

    you all fucking suck

    We have surpassed all visible and conceivable forms of autism. Let's keep going to see where this goes.
  6. Being cheated on sucks the donkey dick, yo.

    1. Stoneheart


      Yes, yes it does. Been there, bled that. It sucks, but the gest thing for it is to take time to heal before trying anything again.
  7. ARC-2134


    I really couldn't find a decent place to put this, so move if need be, but I need help with flashlights/torches. More specifically those in the $50-$200 range. I already have a M600 Surefire scouty, but I am looking at the Nitecore P12 as a means of EDC, SD, HD, and some dank-ass cosplay. Strobe, SOS, adjustment brightness and a throw distance of a bit over 230 meters. It also comes with pad, Mil-1913 attachment rings, and batteries for $100.00, but I'm still a bit iffy on it's 1,000 lM brightness. Help?  
  8. I'm in a relationship now. Does this mean I get smother it in everybody's face every time they talk to me?

  9. ARC-2134

    Open for Ref sheet and Base comissions

    Zoe reffered me to you because I kinda wanted to get my Panda trooper done ina  some-what professional manner.
  10. reminder, fact-checking is slander. Facts are sexist and racist, and something someting muhsoggyknee.

    1. ARC-2134


      So is...*insert clever witty noun*
  11. Anybody doing and or know anybody doing comissions for a full ref sheet? I'd like to get my character sort of professionally done,. Please and thank you

    1. Vivus


      well the void kitsune was doing them
    2. ARC-2134


      It's alright, but not what I'm looking for.
  12. Is it just me, or are people who have the "My significant other,' section on their FA, complete shit-heads and have to mention their significant other no matter the situation?

    1. Stoneheart


      Its mostly just you...
    2. ARC-2134


      I'd like to think it isn't. "Hey, I want to comission.." "OH MY GOD, I HAVE A MATE, JESUS CHRIST." Lol, okay.
  13. ARC-2134

    Developing weaponry--ballistics

    Here's a thing to think about. Practicality. >this is just fantasy   Here me out on this one. From a practicality standpoint, it would be, for lack of a better term, garbage. It would suffer the same fate as the M16, the L85, and the G-11*. It has to be field serviceable, and while the three rifles introduced are good in their own accord, their enviroments at which they were put in, caused them to be some of the worst rifles ever created. Why the brits still use the L85 is completely beyond me. What you want in a gun is as few moving parts as possible. More moving parts means more wear, means more service, means more jams, especially if you're going with a revolver design for a shotgun. Enjoy cleaning that build-up between the gears for hours on-end Now, I'm going to entertainthe idea of a double cylinder double barrel over-under shotgun. Literally take the recivers and barrels and weld them ontop of eachother.   Then mold it into something like this: Then have a hammer that's a bit extended. eitherway, I would only use .410 shells if you want to keep weight loaded down. It might be possible to make one, it doesn't mean it's going to be feild servicable.  
  14. Diaper furs amd bronies are a result of Germany losing WWII. :^)

  15. If you love Seattle, you hate America and you want the communists to win...you hippy.