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  1. so tired and cold... bleh please let my sleep schedule be fixxed after this

  2. so bored lately definitely ready for the Mrs to be here already

  3. seavie

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    old but still newer than what i have on here
  4. I'm not quite dead yet

  5. seavie

    This or that?!

    Slightly burned any day i can't feel sunburn and it ends up tanning out for me anyway lel. Frebreeze or Glade?
  6. seavie

    This or that?!

    savory Mixed martial arts or boxing?
  7. somethings just should not be seen..... my god...

  8. my thumb hurts so bad right now. T_T how i even managed to close it in my car door is beyond me but good god does it hurt!

  9. currently a mix between crippling depression and indescribably pissed off...

  10. Even with my great internet connection this download is so large it's still predicted to take 14 hours.... yay..

  11. really wish I would hear back from this guy about this job I could really use it right about now...

  12. I need a personal masseuse any volunteers? ;w; .... One can hope right? Lol

    1. Glaive


      Well, I'm not a professional but it's free. Apparently my friends think I'm good at it. .3.

  13. I hate mornings.. xwx why must I wake up?

    1. Kree'arra


      Because such is life. Besides, I'd rather wake up in the morning than the afternoon! Otherwise I  have less time to shitpost and will also be pretty late for work